Difference between Ocean and Wave

A few Q&A from today’s Satsang. All Q&A are based on my memory and are not verbatim Q&A responses. You can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pChk1RP3wI

Someone asked What is the difference between God and Man? It is said that “jeevathma” is an amsha of God. How are these concepts related?

Guruji: You are asking me what is the relation between Wave and Ocean. Wave is part of the Ocean and cannot exist without the Ocean. Wave is made up of the Ocean. Water from Wave is not separate from Ocean.

Likewise mind in all these bodies belong to one Big Consciousness, one Big Mind. If you keep 1000 pots here, you find space inside the pot. Is that space inside the pot different from the space outside? A vessel may be big and having 10 ltr space, another vessel may be smaller and have 5 ltr space. So what, it is all one space. Right, In the same way, deep inside the mind of everybody, divinity is alive.

Question: If Divinity is alive, then why is one not able to see God?

Listen, the sky is behind the window as well as the wall. Isn’t it? Through window one is able to see. Our minds have become like walls. A little bit of Sadhana, practices and hollow and empty meditations, to polish the mind, then the inner space reflects the divinity. So God is in everyone, in someplaces he is taking a nap and in some place, he has woken up, that is why we have this beautiful tradition of waking God up – Suprabhatam

Question: If by becoming enlightened, one loses everything,  then I don’t want enlightenment, then why should I do my sadhana?

Guruji: Forget about enlightenment. Do you want to be Happy? Do you want to be Healthy? Do you want to be bright and intelligent? Do you want the abilities to face challenges in the world? Then you have to do your sadhana. There is a single word for qualification and one doing Yoga – “Yogyata”. It means you are qualified and that comes from Yoga. One who does Yoga gets Yogyata, and not just Asanas, it is uniting yourself with Infinity, uniting the body, mind, spirit.

Question: [Some question about Ashram]

Guruji: Listen you all your houses should be like a temple, like an Ashram. What is needed?

a) Share some food with whosoever comes to your house, feed them.

b) Share some knowledge.

c) Do a bit of singing, chanting


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