Overcoming the fear of public speaking.

Amit from labnol posted this on his blog and I liked it immensely, sharing it.

The movie, The King’s Speech, is based on a true story of King George VI who suffered from a stammer since childhood but was able to overcome his problem with the help of a speech therapist and much hard work.

The film has been widely appreciated and experts believe that it will also have a positive effect on people who stammer.

Jesse Desjardins, who has authored some award-winning presentations in the past, shares how the film inspired him and draws a parallel between the character of King George VI and presenters who often struggle to overcome their fear of public speaking.

The King not only conquered his stammering problem but also delivered an impactful speech on world radio live with external assistance — you can listen to the original recording of the King’s speech on BBC Archive.

As Jesse point outs, be open to feedback, put the hours in and you too will find your own voice. Very inspiring!


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