The wheel comes a full circle – Part 5

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On a routine visit to the ashram, in 2007, Guruji stopped near me and told me to “become a teacher” and those three words have taken my life onto a totally different path. A year down the line, I was blessed to teach the Art of Living courses.

The first student who had enrolled in my course was a lady who was suffering from severe panic attacks and had quit her job. Three months after attending the program she sent me a message that she is doing absolutely fine and her panic attack and depressions have since then stopped and she has gone back to work. When Dr. Vatsa recommended a patient of hers to attend the program, I knew that the wheel has come full circle!

I had told Guruji, a couple of years back that let my life be His message! Today I am fortunate and blessed to be living that life. A large part of the credit goes to Meena for pushing me to practice the Kriya regularly in the early days, and being readily available to take care of the family and kids, allowing me the space to do several advance courses and long TTCs and most importantly for demonstrating that faith, surrender and devotion has to be total in this long and arduous journey.

The most rewarding thing is that when one is able to share the spiritual journey and the path with one’s loved ones. While every one’s spiritual journey may be very individualistic, it nevertheless helps to have a supportive companion and for me, the best part is to be able to share this journey with Meena who is also an Art of Living teacher.

Today we both are fortunate, delighted and grateful to share the joy of Sudarshan Kriya, Meditation, Satsang and the Grace of a Master.


10 thoughts on “The wheel comes a full circle – Part 5

      • The beauty of the path is the stumbles…if not for stumbles the path wouldn’t have been the path. For once in life I think “you have to accept the stumbles as reality and keep moving on”.. Dude, your story is a true Guru story

  1. I am in tears after reading about your healing experience with panic attacks. Thank you so much for posting. My story is similar, I have crippling attacks and this week have been sent home from work 3 times. I keep saying that I think I have a bug or I need to eat etc.. I will need to give up work if this course doesn’t help. I am attending the part 1 course tomorrow evening. I’m looking forward to it much more now, thank you so much..

  2. Hi Raj,

    After filtering the entire web about panic attacks, anxiety attacks and claustrophobia now I think I am finding my bus here. I am a pilot and due to several anxiety attacks within few weeks I have far flown away from that place to my sweet home here on an emergency leave. As suggested by my close friend I have enrolled with AOL part 1 yesterday and I felt better these two days and looking forward for more. I like to kow more from you about this and it’s healing power from your experiences. I am visiting Bangalore soon, if you allow me to meet you it would be really amazing and I am sure I will fund the key to the mental block I’m facing. Please help(it would be a small word). Please drop me your contact details. Thank ou.

  3. Hello Raj

    I have gone through Part 1 course. During the 6 days inspite of the intermittent anxiety issues I had hard time to make it to myself to attend the classes in full. On the last day I thanked the instructor Pappu for having given me confidence. Now I am atleast 25% away from the problems. I am sure to get to 100% cure as Dr. Shyamala Vatsa also mentioned that I dont really need medication and would be better if I do the yoga. With great confidence I am proceeding. Will keep this page updated with my progress. I am sure Raj and Pappu will help me achieve this goad with Guruji’s blessings.

    Jai Guru Dev!

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