Recommended Resources to deal with Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Depression.

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This is the last in the series of posts, before I move to another topic.

Over a period of 13 years (’91-04) that I fought Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Depression, I searched high and low for treatment and alternative remedies.  I tried everything that one can possibly find on the internet and  to deal with the situations as they unfolded, I would find some temporary relief and things would revert back to how they were earlier. However, as I mentioned earlier in my posts, real healing for me happened through the regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation.

I thought I will share a few resources  – programs, books, music and doctors – that helped me immensely.

Undoubtedly I start with the Art of Living programs:

  • The Part 1 Program
  • The Advance Meditation Program and
  • Sahaj Samadhi Program

and the Satsangs as my only recommendation to get rid of Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

The Art of Living courses are held all over the world in over 150 countries, please check to find your nearest center. Please note, that the programs do not discourage you to stop your medication or treatment, however it is essential that you do disclose your medical history to the teacher before you start the program.

In Bangalore, The International Center on Kanakapura Road conducts a residential program every Friday, Sat and Sunday.

Meena and I teach the Art of Living Part 1 program in HRBR layout in Bangalore and would be very glad to have you on our programs. Should you want to reach out to me to discuss and talk, feel free to drop me a note.

Doctors in Bangalore/Hyderabad

Recommended below are some outstanding doctors who at some time or the other helped me in my journey.


Dr. Ramachandran Arcot – my family physician and a friend. Has a clinic next to Surana Medicals at Cox Town Circle, Bangalore. I remain indebted to him for having pulled me out of treatment from one of the worst psychiatrist in Bangalore and introducing me to Dr. Shyamala Vatsa.

Dr. Shyamala Vatsa: Consults at Hosmat Hospital, Bangalore. I have already written about her, one of the finest therapist  in town. A person with solid integrity, empathy and intelligence. She is one fine author as well.

Dr Annapurna Waghray – my cousin in Hyderabad, has her own clinic in Domalguda and practices at Sagar Homeo Center at Abids.  What do I write about her, she’s one of the finest homeopaths in town and I have lost the count of number of times I have troubled her with things small and big all times of day and night.

Dr. Sanath Kumar- homeopath, has a clinic at Nehru Road, Kammanahalli, Bangalore. Uses Bach Flower Remedy with great effect.

Sohum Medical Foundation: Has a center in HBR layout, Bangalore that dispenses free homeopathy medicines.


Nadi Pariksha at Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore. One of the regular things I do is to get a Nadi Pariksha done once every few months. An ancient way where the physician checks your pulse and tells what is wrong with the system. Very effective.

Dr. Jyothi Nair – one of the finest Ayurveda doctors in Bangalore. Very accurate with her diagnosis and very economical with her prescription. The only grouse I have is with the location of her clinic (Arya Vaidya Pharmacy, intersection of Queens Road and Cunningham Road, difficult to find a parking place) and timings (consults for about an hour or so around noon)

Dr. Seetharam Prasad – Chief Physician at Ayurveda Kutiram at HBR Layout. Recommend him for his high degree of empathy and listening skills plus the ayurvedic oil treatments are the best one can find in town.

The books are transcriptions of talks and knowledge sessions given by Guruji. While I have read each and every book, a few that I recommend are:

1. God Loves Fun
2. Celebrating Love
3. Bang on the Door
4. Wisdom for the New Millennium
5. Punarnava
6. Narada Bhakti Sutras and
7. Ashtavakhra Gita

All available from

I have read several books on dealing with Anxiety, Depression etc, the only one that I recommend is:

Yoga for Depression by Amy Weintraub: Don’t get misled by the title, this is a superb book on Yoga. Has one complete chapter on Art of Living and how the practices help in treating depression and anxiety. An absolute must read for those looking for alternative treatment through Yoga and associated therapies.

Dr. Sven Sommer’s Little Book of Homeopathy. If you are in a mood for some self medication.

Music and Meditation CD’s

Chanting and Music have a significant impact on the nervous system and is known to uplift the spirit, unite minds, energize and stabilize the body by settling the emotional imbalances. The Satsang’s have had a significant impact on me and I will do a separate post on them in the future. For now, beautiful devotional songs, chants, meditation CD’s are available at


10 thoughts on “Recommended Resources to deal with Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Depression.

  1. I came to your post while looking for treatment options for panic attacks in Bangalore . I am interested in the AOl course you run in HRBR layout- How does one get in touch with you ?

  2. Raj – can you please email me back or check email I have sent to your gmail account. Your blog came as a blessing since I have been suffering from all of the above and seeking help desperately.

  3. This blog entry is written well and is a very good collection of resources. I tried some of the things mentioned here including being in art of living for last 4 years. I have suffered from anxiety and depression for a decade+ now – tried everything including art of living, homeopathy, allopathic medication etc. but to no avail. These resources are good – but doesn’t look like it works for everyone (maybe my situation is extreme!). One needs the Gurus grace to be able to work effectively. Thanks though for a great blog summary.

    • Dear Rohit,

      I am sorry to hear this; I would continue to urge you that you do not let go of your Yoga, meditation and allied practices primarily regular Sadhana, Seva and Satsang. Do not feel disheartened, for some of us it is a long battle and I can empathize given that I had it for over 13 years. Do not let the troubles weigh you down. Face it, chin up. Should you feel the urge to talk to me, please feel free to reach out and I will offer whatever support that I can to help you tide over this. And do not worry about Grace or lack of it! The Grace shines on all of us, without discrimination! It has no choice for it loves everyone very dearly.


  4. I have more panic and anxiety for last 3 yrs . just 1 yr before I married and one baby still not at all cured my prblm my mood is always in negative and panic. Pls give me best suggestion for me.


    • Dear Karthic, I have already written and listed all the resources that helped me here.

      I suggest that you begin by seeking professional help and include Yoga, Kriya and Meditation in your daily routine.

      Wishing you all the best!

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