Our Job is simply to surrender to the moment

A brilliant article on Meditation in Huffington Post by Ed and Deb Shapiro, starts with a beautiful quote by Swami Brahmananda which says “However you try to define meditation, it is not that”. They write:

The technique becomes redundant when meditation becomes our natural state. It doesn’t matter what the technique is — when we drive to Rome the car is necessary but when we get there it is immaterial — what matters is the attitude and awareness that we bring to practice. The teacher is also more important than the technique. They must be skillful, peaceful and clear, regardless of the method or tradition they are teaching.

The moon trusts that the world will continue to go round on its axis, birds trust there will be berries and seeds to eat, trees trust the seasons will follow in the right order. Until we trust that things will unfold naturally then we are slaves to our doubts, fears and neurosis, to the constant chatter in our heads that says we are useless and don’t know anything. But we don’t make the sun to rise or set. The planet is in orbit and neither we nor Jesus or Buddha or any of the wise ones run the show. Our job is simply to surrender to the moment.

Beautifully written and takes my memory back to the last CD – “Living in the Center” – of Ashtavakhra Gita by Guruji.  Time to listen to it again.


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