Two alternative life paths

We take one of the two paths in life as shown below:

  • Do what you don’t like, but should
  • Get experience doing this
  • Become great at doing what you dislike
  • Gain opportunity to do more
  • Live life empty of meaning.


  • Do what you love and find meaningful
  • Get experience doing what you love
  • Become extra good at you doing what you love
  • Gain more opportunity to do what you love
  • Live life full of purpose and meaning.

Doing someone else’ dharma well starts when you do what society says to do so, even though it is not something you like. Over time you get experience with it and get good at it. So you get opportunities to do more of this work. You get promoted. You become the boss, the partner or the top executive. Everyone honors you and wants you to do more of something that isn’t right for you. And you experience your life getting more and more meaningless and unsatisfying.

The path of doing your own dharma starts with doing what you love and what is meaningful to you. In time you gain both experience and skill. You get very good at it. And, because of that, you get more opportunity to do the kind of work that represents who you really are. Even though you might get the trappings of success – money, fame, promotion and awards – the work itself remains its own reward. Your life keeps getting more and more fulfilling. And your satisfaction gives blessings to your friends, family, community and the world.

– Michael Ray in The Highest Goal


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