The One

Today is Guru Nanak’ Jayanthi and the words “Ek Omkar, Satnam – He is One, He is Omkar, the Supreme Truth” come back to me over and over again. Coincidently, Wisdom Dawns posted this very beautiful saying on their facebook page:

It is our job to hold on to the One—to be directed to one aim, using one Name, one meditation, one contemplation. Firm faith is needed. If one simply goes on repeating the Divine Name, unmindful of any other things, he is freed from the all previously required tendencies and attains a new life. As one gets to the foot of the tree by walking up its shadow, in the same way one can attain God through the performance of worldly duties, if he has an unwavering eye on God. — Anandmayi ma

Talking of Anandamayi Ma, I heard a very beautiful story of her interaction with Guruji that I won’t be able to share on this blog, but would leave you with another one, here is what she said when she first saw Guruji:

“Ah, Baba, you’ve brought me the river Ganges,” proclaimed India’s beloved saint, Anandamayi Ma, as His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi presented the shy young Ravi Shankar.

The river Ganges? The boy pondered her meaning. Rivers are considered feminine. Was she referring to his long flowing hair and soft beardless face?

Anandamayi Ma continued.

“You have brought me the One. The One who will wash away the ignorance of the world.”

Blessed, delighted and grateful to The One for having shown the path and for unlimited Grace.


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