Sri Sri’s address at NHRD Conference

I was privileged to be with Guruji when he addressed the NHRD-2011 conference in Bangalore, here is a compilation of what he spoke, curated from various tweets on the net.

Key points

  •  “We need2have a Human Touch … ” n starts His talk
  • You need to have an informal touch with each other in your workplace. Greet the one sitting next to you.
  • Most of the pleasantries we exchange are dry. Not authentic
  • When we lose authenticity, motivation goes down and we manage human resources without a human touch.
  • There is a difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation dies down in time. Inspiration stays.
  • Shift from motivation to inspiration – this is the role of HR.
  • Once U inspire, that person puts his/her heart n soul in their work n bring success
  • Today 30% of Europe is depressed. Depression is prevalent in India too. It’s increasing in the cities
  • At IIT-K, chancellor was telling me that highest selling medicine in campus is anti-depressant.
  • You need to take care of the depression. That’s why we have an HR dept. HR addresses all that is human
  • Mental & physical health, communication skills have to be developed. That’s where we need a HR dept
  • “Transforming the human mind is the key to bringing a sense of belongingness within an organisation,
  • Krishna was the first HR manager. When arjuna was depressed on the battlefield, Krishna used many ways to get him to do his job.
  • why would an entrepreneur do well more than an employee? You have to put your heart. Transform.
  • There are 3 types of doership. Satvik, Rajasik & Tamasik
  • Sattvic doer: whether success or failure, continuing to uphold the enthusiasm
  • Breath can change the doer, who is agitated, not motivated to someone who is energetic, creative, clears conflicts.
  • 1.5 lakhs of workshops we have done in 2009-10. Commitment, level of happiness, enthusiasm increases in those people
  • AOL has done 120 million hours of training in this country, transforming ppl.
  • If we can train people to withstand criticism and give constructive criticism, we can bring a sea change in people.
  • Life cannot be compartmentalised – personal and professional life. We need to have a holistic outlook.


  • What do we keep and what do we let go in this world? A) We keep our commitment and let go of our bickering.
  • What should be the approach of the HR with the Generation Y? A: don’t feel old. Be part of them. Bridge the gap.
  • How to manage ppl with -ve attitude at work place? A: send them to the AOL courses. You’ll see a transformation.


  • Happiness factor is something that we need to really address. Sermons don’t impact, we need tools to effect the change.
  • All org should introduce a Meditation&Meals at workplaces and see how productivity improves after lunch

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