George Soros in conversation with Anurag Behar

Some of my tweets from the conversation between George Soros and Anurag Behar at the Azim Premji University open lecture at St. John’s auditorium today.

  • Attended a sobering conversation between #GeorgeSoros and Anurag Behar at Azim Premji University public lecture.
  • But first ‘am an unabashed fan of Anurag’ writing in @livemint ; so it was good to see him in person #georgesoros
  • Sometimes its more risky not to take a risk #georgesoros in his talk today.
  • #GeorgeSoros – influenced by Karl Popper – shaped his philosophy
  • #GeorgeSoros predicted the 2008 financial crisis. Explained the reasons w/o help of PPT or written notes. #brilliant
  • #GeorgeSoros the economic crisis now is even MORE SERIOUS than that of 2008.
  • #Georgesoros “the car is still skidding”
  • #GeorgeSoros – meltdown of global financial institutions happening is greater in my lifetime
  • #GeorgeSoros Germany dictating rules being followed by US treasury. Draconian austerity prgm – deflationary cycle will affect real economy
  • #Georgesoros The axioms on which economic theory is based bears little resemblance to the real world. We have to rebuild economics.
  • #Georgesoros developing world would be relatively less affected than developed countries.

WSJ has a report out here and NDTV has one here


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