“Hari ke hazaron haath” ~ Vignettes from Banaswadi Satsang

Last evening was a memorable one – an evening with Guruji, that too in our own backyard. A day that we had waited for years. And what a evening it was!! If you missed it, you can catch it on video here. And as is the case with any event with Guruji, there are several stories – stories full of love, devotion and grace. And needless to say, there are several stories associated with this event too. More than hearing stories, experiencing them first hand is an incredible experience.  Personally for me encountering people from various walks of life rooted in devotion, faith and service and deep love for Guruji was soul stirring.

There are several such folks who crossed my path in the last few days and helped me re-look at my own commitment towards the path,  devotion and service. I want to take this opportunity to write about one such individual in this post.

Donald and I were tasked with taking the souvenir to print. As usual, things were running behind schedule. We reached the Ashram Rishimukh office on Friday evening only to find that the person tasked with this was out sick and we had almost 80 advts for the souvenir – all in various different formats from scribbled on the visiting card to scanned pamphlets to various document format ads from Word documents to PowerPoint PPT etc – that had to be converted into proper ad layout and converted to PDF or JPEG images. We started making frantic calls to all and sundry trying to find someone who could help us out on friday evening. And we didn’t want this task to slip to Saturday at any cost.  Thanks to Kiran, we eventually ended up talking to Abijith who sounded very enthusiastic and agreed to meet us at Lingarajapuram. We drove all the way back from Ashram to Lingarajapuram, worrying, working out alternatives etc. It was already 9.00PM when we met Abijith and explained the work to him. We went home, had a quick bite of dinner and went back to Abijith’s shop in NarayanPillai street in ShivajiNagar. He owns a small printing press. It was already 10 and he had already started working on putting things together. And to my astonishment he worked all through the night, with absolutely no break at all. He just got up once to drink water and once to stretch himself. There was a point at 3AM in the morning where I was ready to give up and go home, but Abijith persisted and worked all the way till 8AM in the morning. That is a 11 hour work straight through, without any tea/coffee breaks.

But more than the effort, it was his attitude, making sure that he gave his best to each and every ad layout, paying incredible attention to detail and quality and to top it he spoke knowledge all through the night, quoting Guruji and sharing his experience of how the practices and Guruji’s grace has changed his life.   

As Donald and I wound up and left his shop on saturday morning, he said – Before coming on this path, my life was useless, today I am very useful. 

I bumped into Abijith much after the Satsang was over last evening as we were winding up the stall where we had put the souvenir and I asked him, how did he like the Satsang and he replied I was in the Parking seva and did not attend.  Not a trace of disappointment on the face of not getting a chance to have a glimpse of the Master. Yet, he had a beaming smile on his face.

A perfect example of someone demonstrating how spirituality and knowledge can be embedded in daily life.

The scriptures talk of the Lord having a thousand names, but I am sure that not only he does he have a thousand names, but also thousand hands. As the saying in hindi goes – “Hari ke hazaron haath” and it came back again and again looking at the way how the event unfolded.

So, if you have some printing work to be done, I wholeheartedly recommend Abjith- reachable at abijith.g@gmail.com


2 thoughts on ““Hari ke hazaron haath” ~ Vignettes from Banaswadi Satsang

  1. I was really unhappy when Guruji did not visit our place.When Raj shared this…well I was so humbled.
    Wondering where am I getting trapped?
    Thanks a lot Abhijeet.

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