So, what made you come back to the Industry?

I have been asked the question as to what prompted me to return back to the corporate world several times. The reference is obviously to me taking over a year off from the Industry to volunteer with the Art of Living Foundation teaching the Art of Living programs.

In today’s Mint, Sandipan Deb writes about this in his article “Breaking free from the mundane” Sandip begins by saying:

I don’t know whether it can be granted the official status of “trend” yet, but in the last few years, I have seen a fairly large number of executives give up high-paid jobs and choose a different life. I am not talking about successful managers who chose to turn entrepreneurs. The people I am talking about are ones who seem to have taken a sharp right turn off their career paths and opted out of the corporate rodent rush.

And he ends it by

 A lot more of us have become seekers. And the seeking is not stopping at the corner office.

I will be very delighted if this really becomes a “trend”. A lot of us in today’s corporate world can’t see life beyond our own noses. And I will stand up a give a huge cheer to those who seek to follow their heart’ calling. And a even bigger cheer to the “seekers”. More power to you guys.

To those who ask me, I point out that God never wrote one’s life story in resume form – so all your assumptions about your life should move according to an upward career graph is all bull. Life has a way of teaching that the assumptions will come to nought in no time and the quicker you realize it the better it is.

The “seeking” is where the journey begins.

But then life is also not running away from one’s responsibilities and I sincerely believe that seeking shouldn’t lead us to that point.

For those who are immersed in the corporate world and ask me this question, I tell them that there is indeed a beautiful way, of listening to your heart and continue to be immersed in the vocation one has.

Do you want to know how?

Stay tuned.


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