I had been away from my blog for the past few weeks and logged in today to find a large number of hits on the blog on Guru Purnima day – the highest in the last 8 years of blogging. Thanks a lot and much gratitude. I am hoping that those who came here, found what they were looking for.

Guruji Sri Sri Ravi Shankar says “The Guru principle is so vital in life. The first Guru is Dakshinamurthy, the embodiment of infinity woven so skillfully into the finite that the finite and infinite co-exist. There is an element of Guru within every human being. That wisdom in each has to be invoked and awakened. When this element is awakened, misery in life disappears. It is the medicine for misery, the wealth of all knowledge.”

Happy Guru Purnima and here is a very beautiful poem that someone sent to me that I wanted to share with you all

I might leave Rama, I could never forget my Guru.
In my eyes, Hari is not the equal of my Master.
Hari brought me into this world,
the Guru freed me from the cycle of birth and death.

Hari sent five thieves with me,
the Guru released me from their power.
Hari entangled me in the web of my family,
the Guru broke the chains of attachment.

Hari bound me with disease and the love of life,
the Guru made me a ygi and freed me from this.
Hari confused me with karma and dharma
the Guru showed me my own soul.

Hari hid himself from me,
the Guru gave me a lamp and showed me God.
Above all, Hari created the bondage of sweet maya,
but the Guru removed me from all these illusions.

I offer my body and mind to Charandas
I will never leave my Guru, I might leave Hari.


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