The one common binding thread

We stay more than 30kms almost on the other end of town as far as Ashram is concerned. And we make it a point to be in Satsang’s as much as possible, whenever Guruji is in town. The ride back home after the Satsang is always interesting, more so whenever we give lift to folks who want to get dropped off typically at Banashankari bus stop. In so many years, we would probably given lift to over hundreds of folks and we make it a point to indulge in small talk and invariably the talk turns towards Guruji, Art of Living and their experiences.

As people share their stories – and it is so fascinating to hear them – about their experience with the courses, changes it has brought in their life, miracles they have experience etc. One common thread that runs across the sharing is their experience of Grace manifesting in their lives.

We are so delighted and humbled to be chosen to traverse this beautiful path……my only grouse is that it takes only 20 minutes from Ashram to Banashankari bus stop and it is hell of a short time to listen to those incredible stories.


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