Time Indian Political Leaders put “service” at the core of their agenda

Ken Blanchard is writing a series of very positive articles on “A leadership vision for America” and in today’ blog post he makes a case for Electing Servant Leaders

He starts with an assumption: The more that our leaders are in Washington [Delhi] to serve and not be served, the better chance we have to mend what’s wrong with our country.

It is time that we define what kind of leadership we would like to be led by in our country. The way the wheels are churning, I think it is a matter of time before the country goes to vote again.

And it is imperative that leaders understand that “service” has to be at the core of their agenda. Without that one element, we will see the edifice crumbling sooner than later. And Keshavan Nair puts it so eloquently in his book “A higher standard of leadership

“Many of us have come to believe that leadership is the attainment of power. But as long as power dominates our thinking about leadership, we cannot move to a higher standard of leadership. We must place service at the core; for even though power will always be associated with leadership, it has only one legitimate use: service”.


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