It now seems….

I had never written a poem in life before, and this came up as an urge and I just typed it out as it came….no idea how this happened.

Just like the incredible pain

flips over to joy in an instant in the

“Meditation in Motion” process;


Same way the pain and the heartbreak

Suddenly turned into joy and peace

For no apparent reason;


It now seems that the

pain of longing

is more joyful than

the playful pulling of cheeks;


It now seems that the

the ache of the heartbreak

is now more joyful

When He deliberately walks by

without giving me that look

I have been craving for,

for ages;


It now seems that the

feeling of utter foolishness

when running behind Him

is now more palatable when

He chooses to completely

ignore me;


It now seems that the

torment and the anguish we

underwent when He chose

not to visit our house

despite being

in the neighborhood

has turned to

deep acceptance with

no regrets;


It now seems that

the Presence has become

that much more exponential

as I churned through

the countless doubts

in my mind;




the joy in longing and waiting is

much more than:

– having my cheeks pulled – would love it;

– getting that special look – I would still yearn for it;

– having Him in our house – that would be a dream fulfilled

– or getting that phone call out of the blue – haven’t yet got it;


but I wouldn’t want to trade

it for the unmistakable Presence

and Grace

that engulfs me

when I remember Him

for that I am so grateful!


That joy, longing

and Gratitude

transcends to something

Inexpressible, when that

gentle fragrance

of Sandalwood

arising out of nowhere,

drifts in,

and I recognize

that it is at this precise moment

the Divine too has His aches and



2 thoughts on “It now seems….

  1. OMG…RAj and poem!!!
    “…the Divine too has His aches and longings…..” too much…

    fantastic …straight from the heart.

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