The 4A’s to career success – A review of “What the CEO really wants from you”

The last time I wrote about Gopalkrishnan, I mentioned that if there is one author I would like to meet, it has to be him. And look at it, the desires do get fulfilled as they come, I did happen to bump into him at the NHRD Conference in Bangalore when I had gone along with Guruji. Unfortunately, apart from a few words introducing myself and saying how much I enjoyed reading his two books, I did not get adequate time to spend with him, maybe the universe in its generosity will fulfill this wish too at some point in the near future.

Meanwhile, Gopal’ new book : What the CEO really wants from you: is definitely a must read. Written in the same style as his previous book, “When the Penny drops“, it begins with an introductory story that Gopal uses to build the concept for his 4-A framework that he expands in the rest of the book. Interspersed with anecdotes from his corporate life, relevant case studies and the sidebar boxes that help reinforce the concepts, make this book a compelling read for all in corporate life.

The underlying theme running through Gopal’s three books is about deep awareness of the our own Self. Our performance in the corporate world is but a reflection of how well we are connected with ourselves. I believe that these books are really about becoming aware of your latent spiritual side and bringing it to workplace.He could have as well named this one as “Implementing your spirituality in the workplace”. If it was digging into the repository of Avvaiyar’s to talk about self-awareness in his last book, Gopal starts this one by drawing an analogy of Buddha’s middle path and the dangers and pitfalls one faces in one’ corporate life and how one can get derailed by not being on the middle path.

As I read through the book, I created a visual map of the same and instead of writing a review of the book, I will embed the visual map of the book. Hope you will love this.



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