Announcing the upcoming launch of my book “The Gita in my Homework”

Several years back, we were sitting in a Satsang with Guruji and He asked the audience a simple question, “How many of you here have read The Bhagavad Gita?

My earnest journey into the Bhagavad Gita began that day and I devoured many translations of The Bhagavad Gita and heard several talks on The Gita by Guruji. My love affair with The Gita had begun and it still continues to grow day by day. There are days when I get consumed by the magnificence and beauty of it and suddenly life seems a beautiful play and there are days when I seek it out to console and comfort me and it does that too with gentle love and affection providing me the much needed solace.

I did not want my children to pick up the wonderful life lessons that The Bhagavad Gita offers much later in their lives. Therefore, I wrote a series of essays in the form of letters, each touching a topic currently relevant to them and inter-mingled it with a message from The Gita so that the Gita does not appear a daunting scripture inaccessible to kids. And then someone suggested that I publish these letters out for a larger audience. Not wanting to disturb the original series, I made a few modifications before sharing them in a book form.

Today, I am very glad to announce the upcoming launch of my book: “The Gita in my Homework” – it will be launched in the next couple of days as an ebook on Amazon followed by the print version and a bunch of other activities beyond that.

I look forward to your support and encouragement in spreading this message.


One thought on “Announcing the upcoming launch of my book “The Gita in my Homework”

  1. Congratulations Rajiji….I would want one copy for sure especially for children at UKA… We can also sell it in our centre too.. would be nice to have a kannda version in the future for kids…keep us posted..jai gurudev

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