The Light has come to me

O Lord Vyasa

why do you write?

O man of intellect, as tall as a mountain

like the petals of a flowering lotus

white – in a sea of murky black

O Lord Vyasa, O man of infinite words,

why do you write?

The Upanishads and the Geeta

poems that will live through the millennium

O man of words how imperishable

are thy writings!

The lamp of wisdom burning bright

over 5000 years ago

full of essence of the great poem

about the Great War

that took place eons ago,

But till today the battlefield happens

everyday, in our hearts

as your characters

and their faults and their goodness

war for attention in our everday life

O Lord Vyasa, Lord of the Vedas

why do you write?

 ~ Dr. Swati Piramal in “The Light has come to me”

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