Every day can be a Guru Poornima


Via [The official blog of Sri Sri RaviShankar] a beautiful talk on Guru Poornima by Guruji.

Life and Guru are inseparable. When you throw light on life, and when the wisdom is there, honor the wisdom. Wisdom is the Guru tatva, Guru principle. So, within you the Guru Principle is there, wisdom is there. In each and every one there is wisdom. Throw light on that.In life wisdom dawns; wisdom has come; honor wisdom. When we stop honoring wisdom that is when darkness takes over, that is when the full moon is not there, no moon is there. Moon is the mind and when it is brimming, full of wisdom, that is Guru Poornima. So everyday could be Guru Poornima in your life when you honor what life has taught you.

Head over to the blog and read the rest of the talk.

Two things that Guruji talks every year about Guru Poornima is about Gratitude and Reflection.  Now, is a good time to pause, reflect and be grateful for the presence of Guruji in our lives and how the presence has changed our lives.

The Art of Living website has a beautiful theme called “I am Grateful” on its website. If you feel like go ahead and share your reflections out there.

Posts on Guru Poornima from previous years are here.

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