Synchronicity – guess who we get to meet finally?

With Nipun Mehta


I had stumbled upon CharityFocus way back in early 2000 via Propoor when I had read an article about Nipun and Guri’s walk in India. Since then I had been a regular subscriber of emails that used to appear from Nipun’ mailbox without fail. Somewhere I had the intention of meeting with Nipun someday. We exchanged emails in 2006 and that was that.

Amid a hectic workday yesterday I stumbled upon Nasscom Product Conference agenda and Nipun’ name on the speaker list caught my eye. Late last night I dropped an email to Nipun and got invited to his talk at NMIMS, Bangalore today. Meena and I grabbed the opportunity to spend an hour or so listening to Nipun talk about his experiences and inspiring the 100 odd students to lead a deeply meaningful life based on principles of sharing, gifting, generosity, kindness, compassion and stillness. We were deeply touched. In the process also got introduced to some brilliant folks who have been spreading joy through service in Bangalore – check out folks behind Vrikssh Restaurant in Bangalore

This was truly a Satsang bang in the middle of a work week.

To know  more about Nipun and his work, you can look up and don’t miss the TED talk here


2 thoughts on “Synchronicity – guess who we get to meet finally?

  1. I am going to be 75 this month, & naturally would like to cover up my sins in the days left, in order to ensure that my soul faces the almighty with pride . This i propose to implement from December and fill my life with spirituality. Pl forward me with list of Books by Sri Ravi Shankar, and address of any center at Hyderabad.
    Rajendra Prasad Waghray

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