Be Awake, O Yogi!

Someone asked me a question on Quora about boredom in Yoga practices, and this poem came up spontaneously.


This is a quest of


the un-quenched thirst,

the parched lips,

and mirages all over.


A thousand births

in the endless

Karmic cycle.

Some full of Sattva

And some passed

in deep ignorance

and darkness.


This lifetime the path

is beautiful – shady trees,

lovely meadows,

breath taking views of

unparalleled beauty.


Walk like a King

on this path

keeping your treasure

– of Sadhana – hidden.


Be Awake, O Yogi!

Robbers and dacoits

abound at every

nook and corner

waiting to rob you

and drag you down

their alley and make

you their own.


Masters of disguises.

They know what you

would fall for.

They come wearing

the garbs of boredom

laziness, apathy,

disinterest and other



If you see them

sneaking up, show

them no mercy.


The dacoits have

become adept at robbing

you; they come at you

trying to catch you unawares

at your lowest moment.

Snatching your wealth

– of Sadhana – their only aim!


They know not, that you

have the Sword

of knowledge, wisdom

and grace that can finish

them off forever in an instant.


Sharpen the sword

said the Master.

His only instruction:

“eka tattva abhyasa”

with “Satkara adara asevito”:


One pointed practice

With Honor and Respect.


Enough to beat the

Dark forces at their game!


Be Awake, O Yogi

don’t let this lifetime

go waste.


Practice daily

–          With love

–          reverence

–          honor

–          respect

–          and devotion


The treasure is your only

possession and it grows

manifold with daily renewal.


Carry it safely across

for it is the only thing

that will quench the thirst

of lifetimes!

Be Awake, O Yogi!


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