Now, who swiped off that Cross Pen?


Hundreds of them

some branded

lots of cheap ones

lay scattered all

over the house

all within an

arms reach for

years to jot

down thoughts

sign off bills &

courier receipts,

poke the tightly

sealed envelopes open


for a hundred

other random things



one by one

they started


First from the

writing table

and then all

the one’s that

were in sight

and finally even

the one’s that

lay quietly  hidden

for years in

nooks and corners

far away from

visible eyes.

Guess what?

Even the one’s

that were in

drawers were

not spared.


Neither reasoning

nor explaining

nor cajoling

or even threats

seems to have

any effect.


I am now resigned

to the fact that

I have three pen

lovers at home

who I guess eat

them for lunch

at school and

The High Court.


Thank you

@Meena, @Tanvi

and @Sreesh

for emptying the

riches accumulated

over years


Now who

swiped off that

Cross Pen?


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