The PMO India gets the Leadership Model absolutely right.

The Prime Minister of India one of the most stirring speeches heard in 68 years of Independence. There was a lot of anticipation and the PM did not disappoint, this was an extempore speech of over an hour without any notes or teleprompter etc. Spoken straight from the heart. 

After hearing platitudes for several years, it was refreshing to see and hear a PM who understands the aspirations and needs of the people of this country and talks about meeting those needs systematically through a leadership model that is contrarian to what we have experienced in the last 68 years.

The PM began by saying that he is speaking not as a Prime Minister, but as a “Pradhan-Sevak” or Chief Servant of the people of India- putting the emphasis on concept of service based leadership or servant based leadership.

It is absolutely heartening to see that The Prime Minister of India gets the Leadership model absolutely right

  • It is about Service
  • It is about understanding the needs and aspirations of those whom you wish to serve.
  • It is about personal courage (did you notice he wasn’t speaking behind a bullet proof glass)
  • It is about making a commitment (he said I will work 13 hours if you work 12)
  • It is about reconciling power with service
  • It is about emphasizing value based service (Sansad adarsh gram yojana)

Readers of this blog might be aware that I have always written about Leadership in the context of Service, Servant, Love and Conscious leadership models, so it delights me no end to see the PM putting the emphasis on service back on core of his agenda. This is a huge win for the country and I am sure we will make giant leaps in the next decade if the PMO is able to institutionalize and implement this model. 

BTW, all the bulleted points above on Leadership are from the delightful book titled “A Higher standard of Leadership” by Keshavan Nair. Time PMO makes it mandatory read for every civil servant and parliamentarians in India.


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