Finding the Devi in the Mundane

The nine nights
of the Devi, a
time to dive deep
and experience
the presence of
the all pervading,
energy. A time
to wake up to
this awe-inspiring
For those who find
the journey within
difficult, the ancient
rishis had a simple
solution; to find
her presence in
the very mundane.

The Devi they said
can be found in
One’s intelligence,
memory and reflection.
In hunger, thirst
and sleep too.
So too in activity,
power and riches;
In faith and very
much in the doubt 
is her 
If you have experienced
compassion, forgiveness,
peace and contentment
the Devi is present 
in these attribute too.
As a mother of 
this Universe, she
is Omnipresent.
This Navaratri,
the Master said,
find Her
So drop everything
and for the next
10 days, experience
the grace and let
the contentment
grow exponentially.
This journey is to 
move from the head
to the heart for she
is enshrined in the heart
of each one of us,
waiting patiently 
for us to find her.



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