The eCommerce Dreams – Let a Billion Startup’s bloom!

Amazon in talks to buy

Jabong for 1.2 billion dollars;

Flipkart raises 600 million

and is valued at 10 billion;

the two big headlines of

the past few days.


On the streets a different

war being fought –

The Uber, the OlaCabs,

and Taxi For Sure

pumping in an obscene

amount to squeeze the 

clueless auto driver 

off the street 

robbing him of his

daily bread and butter;


Several others raising

millions or being valued

in millions;

One reads these numbers

day in and day out

trying to comprehend how

much they mean in rupees,

and the mind boggles.


The Moguls of the industry

all rushing in with bags

full of cash investing their

fortunes into the new

cash cow – eCommerce.

reinforcing the view.


Traditional business,

brick and mortars,

getting sold off

for a pittance of 300 crores;

pitch that number against

3,725 crores and see

how small it looks.


The friend of 40 thieves,

rushes in with more than

40 bags, hoping to reap

more than what he sows;


eCommerce, Platform,

Marketplace, Pivot,

VC’s Investments,

Angel Funding, P/E,

ROI, Valuation,

and Profitability. No,

strike the last one out.

No one care’s about it anymore.


Nasscom 10,000 startups,

iSpiritProduct Nation


all urging you to start up,

Peter Thiel says go from

Zero to One;

Y-Combinator classes

showing how to do it.


Irrespective, the seduction

is complete; why would

one want to be an

employee when one

could make

millions – or is billions the

new normal – in a few years?


Create, Do Something,

Build Something, Act,

take the plunge;


While others caution

“it’s a bubble”

we have

seen several in the past

be wary;


But then look at it again,

Thousands of small

entrepreneurs blooming

on these new marketplaces

and thousands employed

by them, keeping the

economy moving and raising

the standards of living.


So, if it is a bubble

or a dream, let it be.


The whole world, they

say, is just a dream

of the Infinite One;

When the Radiant One

can dream, so can you



Let your dreams be big;

and let they come true;

Let the economy bloom;

let the poorest of the poor

benefit from it;

Let the Auto drivers

get onto Uber or TFS

and let a billion

start ups bloom


While they bloom

let them just not be about

chasing valuations or dollars;

let them be businesses that

make a difference;

and let the leadership be humane;

and let the new economy

be a transformational one

benefiting everyone


While playing with

your dreams, don’t

forget to keep in your


 the One

in whose dream

the whole universe is




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