Waiting for that rain….

Like a fish in a river
unaware of the abundant
flowing water;
was I floating in an
ocean of grace,
not noticing or
acknowledging it.

The weather changed
and the summer came;
harsh sun, draining every
little drop of moisture
from the parched earth.

Where once the river
flowed abundantly, now
flows barely a stream,
inches high, just about
enough for the
fish to breath.

It seems like a harsh
summer beating down
and parching the practices;

‘Twas grace!
– the meditation,
– the beautiful, healing ujjai breath,
– that deep silence and stillness,
– that scintillating satsangs,
– and that presence
all grace,
bestowed upon
so generously
that I took it
for granted.

As the fish waits for
the clouds to come in and pour
ending its misery;
so do I wait
for the summer to end
and the grace to shower
once again, drenching me,
in all its love!


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