The Guru Purnima message 2015

Almost a 1000 views in the past few days searching for Guru Purnima message. I do hope they found what they were searching for on the blog 😉

Here is the transcript of what Guruji said during this year’s Guru Poornima

Sri Sri: There are two worlds in which we live. One is the world of memory and another is the real world.
And in memory, there are three types of memory.
1. You remember but you can’t do anything about it. You remember your childhood, but you can’t get it back. You remember the bygone days, (but) you can’t get it back. This is one (kind of) memory.
2. Another remembrance is you remember and you have to make a lot of effort to get it. Suppose you have left your keys in Toronto, you have to drive 7 hours to get it. It is not instantaneous. You remember, but you have to make an effort to get it.
3. The third type of memory that’s like this. (Gurudev places his glasses on his head.) I keep looking for my glasses, suddenly someone says glass is right there. Oh! It is right here.
Here the remembrance and getting it is instantaneous. Oh! It is here, then I already got it. I didn’t have to make any effort.
Our spiritual path is of the third type of memory. Knowing and getting is instantaneous. You have feel the connection. That’s all.  And feeling the connection is that memory which connects the real world with us. From the imaginary memories that we live in, from that world, moving on to the real world. And that is what is the Guru Tattva. Guru is bringing that connection. The moment you remember, “I am in Canada.” You are in Canada. You are already there. You don’t have to make an effort to get to Canada. When you are already here, you remember, ‘I am in Canada.’ It is instantaneous. Similarly, you close your eyes and move from this cloud of the unreal world of memory to the real existence.

Feeling the connection to the wisdom, knowledge, Guru, then there is no worry. How can there be worry, concerns, any negative feelings? Impossible.  Everything just disappears.  Guru Poornima is the day to feel that connection. I am connected. I am one with the divinity.  Here, again, celebration is instantaneous. Joy is instantaneous. You get what I am saying?  You don’t have to prepare to celebrate.  A pauper had forgotten that he was the prince. Someone came and told him, “Hey! You are the Prince.” Just (with) that one sentence, he got the kingdom back.  Instantaneously. There is no effort. If it appears to be some effort, it is to get rid of the effort. Because your mind is so used to putting effort so that run of the mind to put effort had to be calmed down. And direct recognition, “I am connected.” And that’s it. Done.  That much is enough for today. There is a lot (in this). Recollect this again and remember this.

Sri Sri: Whether you like it or not, whether you accept or not, you all play the role of a Guru to someone at some time.  You should ask me how.
Audience: How?
Sri Sri: Everyone plays the role of a Guru either by saying what one should do or what one should not do.
Some tell you what you should do, some show you what you should not do.  So, there is no escape from Guru.  Your own life becomes a lesson for someone else. Right? So, everybody whether wanting or by default is a Guru because you keep teaching something to some people around you by example of what one should do or by example of what one should not do. In the same way, (in) the whole planet, every little thing teaches you, has a message for you. You learn from this whole Creation if you have keenness of observation, if you are connected. Once you are connected to the Guru, then you are awareness blossoms. When awareness blossoms, then everywhere you find there is some lesson coming to you. From every corner you get some lesson. Now, learning is endless. But, unlearning is very important. Whatever you have learnt is good for this plane, at one plane only. But to other planes of existence, unlearning is important. Especially, spiritual journey, unlearning is important. And coming to Guru is you unlearn. You become hollow and empty. This is important. Very important.

Mind and Guru cannot be together in this second case. In the first case, mindfulness is essential. You are full of mind. In the second case, no mind-ness. Because mind and Guru cannot exist together. Only one can exist. Either there is wisdom or there is your small mind which chatters. All the time drags you backward, judges, discriminates, does all these gimmicks, makes you miserable.  It is an exercise to unlearn what you have learnt and become fresh again. Because at a particular point in time, in a particular journey, learning becomes a burden. Learning limits you. Unlearning opens you to the field of all possibilities. Do you understand what I am saying? This is higher Mathematics. This is higher knowledge. Very good. Go with the confidence. Once you feel connected, once you remember you are connected. That’s it. No worries. See when you want to swim and you find the life guard is right there and the coach is right there, then what do you worry about? You simply jump into the water. In the soccer game, when you are playing, once you know the coach is there you get all the confidence to kick the ball. So life is a ball like that and all the events in life are like the ball to be kicked with skill. And that is what wisdom, knowledge is all about. Of course, having a Guru brings comfort. Don’t have a Guru only to have comfort. Guru is there to get the ultimate, not the momentary comfort. Many people come to the Guru to get momentary comfort and they stay there, trying to get only momentary comfort. A seeker will move forward, doesn’t mind comfort or discomfort, and aim at the highest. So, usually people say, ‘I want more grace.’ My dear, there is abundance of grace but you come with a bigger vessel. You come with a small glass and say give me two liters of milk in it. How is it possible to give two liters of milk in a small cup? Expanding your ability to take the grace. And that is what you all are doing. That is what this is all about. What? Expanding our ability to receive more. And whatever we have received, we feel it is abundant. Feeling the abundance, abundance continues. Only that continues.

Sri Sri: Afterwards you can become Sahaj teachers and inspire infinity into everybody’s ears. Whispering infinity.  Very good.
Q: How do you expand the cup?
Sri Sri: Forbearance, seva, sadhana, all that.
Q: How to take this to the outer world?
Sri Sri: You keep this knowledge in your heart and walk with that dignity. Walk like a king and be a perfect servant. With the dignity of knowledge, nothing can shake you. That is the beauty of the whole knowledge.
Q: What to do with people who don’t have this gift?
Sri Sri: You are here to give them that gift. Reach out to them slowly and skilfully.
Q: When you are alert, joy is lost. When you you joyful, alertness goes away. How to bring both?
Sri Sri: That is the skill. That is Samadhi. That is meditation.
Sri Sri: Meditation is both effort and effortless. For a beginner it is effort.
Once you have begun, it is effortless.
Like in Kriya, in the beginning, there is effort. But once you start on that, then you let go, everything happens by itself.  It is both. Effort in the beginning, and then it is effortlessness.

Guru Poornima day, you reflect, what your life would have been without the knowledge. Where we were 10 years ago? How knowledge, wisdom has carried us along? And how it has made a difference. Today is the day for you to reflect on that. Each one of you. It is not to get more knowledge. It is reflecting on what you already have. That is what we need to today. So, don’t say, ‘I want more knowledge.’ Celebration is not work day. Knowledge is work. Celebration is just remembrance, recollecting: where you are, what you are, how the knowledge has impacted you, how many miracles have happened in life. Reflecting on those things. Life itself is a miracle. The Universe is a miracle. So reflecting on that, WOW comes out. And there you are full. You are content about knowledge, everything.


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