The Gift of Grace.

I am back after a refreshing Art of Living Part 2 Program, at the Bangalore Ashram in the presence of Guruji (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar). Advanced Programs are usually spread over 4 or 5 days (sometimes longer too for those who can’t have enough of the silence) comprising of yoga and deep meditations, with silence at the root of it. Every time I do this program, I feel deeply rested, the mind becomes clearer and for me creativity springs up. Needless to say, yet another poem sprang up based on my experience and wanted to share it with you all!

Unearned and unmerited
Grace is a gift
and when it is
showered on you
rhyme or reason, 
all you can do is
to drench in it
It started with a
tiny flutter deep
within the heart;
and then an
uncontainable explosion
of joy, bliss, happiness
and exhilaration;
igniting every cell
in the body;
as tears welled up;
the body seemed
so small to contain
this combustion all within!
As rapidly it started,
it vanished, leaving
me with a sweet
lingering taste that can’t 
be described using
any number of adjectives!
The concoction:
– Intense Yoga 
– Deep Meditations,
– Deeper Silence 
– Profound Wisdom
And above all Grace.
It’s Grace
– that forgives all 
  your transgressions;
– that loves you 
– that worries 
  for you
– that calls you out 
  from the thousands of multitudes;
– that is infinitely patient and
– that showers gifts that go 
  beyond the mundane!
Unearned, Unmerited
I soak it in, unabashedly
and wait for it to 
bathe me in that 
meditative explosion 
yet again! 
Again and Again!
Punah! Punah!

PS: If you liked this, you may also want to read “He made us all Neelkantas” that I wrote last year


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