Satyameva Jayate!

Dr. David Frawley tweeted:

Why does India media attack Hindu gurus who honor all religions, but respect Christian and Muslims claiming theirs is only true faith.

This is not a new phenomenon but has been the case for decades. Why? Let’ see what Swami Chinmayananda had to write in the late 1950’s, in response to a question.

“.….And we, a generation who had to reach miserably our own culture in the leaky boats of the British, and read our own sastras through books published by them we, who are taught from our childhood in the missionary high schools and colleges – we, poor victims of a villanous treachery against the greatest culture of the world – believed them.

Not much has changed for us, the media crooks are the new villains who have complemented and taken on the burden to propagate this treachery against the Hindu Religion and who are the targets? The first being the Guru’s obviously. Be it Osho, or Satya Sai Baba or Sri Sri as in this case of WCF, they have all faced fraudulent allegations. The Media and the NGO’s would not comment on anything to do with other religions for it invites swift and brutal retaliation from burning down newspaper copies to decapitating the author’s head.

Swamiji goes on to write:

Let us try to unlearn, the unhealthy ideas that have been taught to us by a foreign imperialist hand-maiden, that had come to India to sabotage the Hindu cultural integrity in the garb of fraudulent Christian Missionaries, who had in the days of foreign rule a special privilege to monopolise the education of our generation. Read independently the pages of our sacred Bhagavat. You will see clearly a new meaning and a healthy message in every line.

It is in own hands to reclaim the spiritual heritage of our culture, read the scriptures, understand their true meaning, and lead our lives in the pursuit of Dharma. It is also our duty to call out the untruths and the biases of those who mislead deliberately.

It was indeed disheartening to see the barrage of news articles with slanted news stories planted to defame Sri Sri and the work he has been doing. Even worse is to see friends jump onto the bandwagon criticizing Sri Sri without even understanding the real issues. Tasteless jokes, running down all Saints, calling them all fakes, making movies disparaging them etc. have become the new normal.

Folks, who have never planted a tree in their entire lives have become the new environmental crusaders.

People who have never walked on the path of Dharma, now quote us the Scriptures….

People who confused between Bhagavat and Bhagavad Gita, lecture us on Karma Yoga…

The ash of untruth can cover truth only for a while! When the wind blows, the ash has no choice but to get dispersed.



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