WCF – a lesson in living the Gita

I was reading the 18th chapter of The Gita today and realized that the events that led up to the build up of World Cultural Festival, the festival itself were, in fact, a lesson in living the Gita! So, here it goes:

After all the mud-slinging,
lies and deceit,
when the man couldn’t stop,
it seemed as if Nature too
conspired – for a while –
to the immense joy of
the tamasic one’s.

adharmaḿ dharmam iti yā
manyate tamasāvṛtā
sarvārthān viparītāḿś ca
buddhiḥ sā pārtha tāmasī

Gita: 18:32 “The Tamasic Intellect, wrapped in ignorance and enveloped in darkness, simply cannot discriminate. Goodness appears bad to this intellect while evil seems good. It understands life in a perverted way. The tamas-dominated intellect drags one ever downwards.

The wise one –
goes about his
work; knowing
what others don’t;
working doggedly and
persistently, despite
the innumerable hurdles,
towards the vision of
One World family

sarva-bhūteṣu yenaikaḿ
bhāvam avyayam īkṣate
avibhaktaḿ vibhakteṣu
taj jñānaḿ viddhi sāttvikam

Gita:18.20:: “The person of Sattvic knowledge knows the Divinity of the Self, sees the Divinity in all beings, knows the oneness of all creatures in the universe and sees none of the separateness that others see.

Understanding this unity
He sets out to demonstrate
that work done for others
without expectation of reward
is the only true work.

niyataḿ sańga-rahitam
arāga-dveṣataḥ kṛtam
aphala-prepsunā karma
yat tat sāttvikam ucyate

Gita:18.23:: “Work performed to fulfil one’s obligation without thought of personal reward or if whether the job is pleasant or unpleasant, is sattvic

There is something magical
and mystical in that color of white;
It rubs onto the thousands
of volunteers, singers, dancers,
and performers, who for an
infinitesimally small time;
live the timeless message of Gita

mukta-sańgo ‘nahaḿ-vādī
siddhy-asiddhyor nirvikāraḥ
kartā sāttvika ucyate

Gita 18.26:: “The sattvic doers see it all as the work of the Divine, and see themselves as but instruments of Divinity. Thus completely egoless, these doers are free of desire and attachment. They are ardent about the work to be done, and yet, unaffected by success or failure”

The Nature too
couldn’t resist joining in;
It comes out in full glory in
the form of a rainbow and
then unable to contain its
excitement, it blows hard
dispelling all the negativity
and purifying the atmosphere

pavanaḥ pavatām asmi
rāmaḥ śastra-bhṛtām aham
jhaṣāṇāḿ makaraś cāsmi
srotasām asmi jāhnavī

Gita 10.31:: “Of the four purifiers in nature – earth, water, fire
and air – I am the wind, which purifies the other

Those few days
reminded me
of what Sanjaya had to say
after hearing The Gita

yatra yogeśvaraḥ kṛṣṇo
yatra pārtho dhanur-dharaḥ
tatra śrīr vijayo bhūtir
dhruvā nītir matir mama

Gita 18.78:: Wherever Divinity and Humanity are found together, there will be prosperity, victory, happiness and unshakeable wisdom. Of this, I’m sure!

And then it dawned,
we can sing
The Gita innumerable times;
write a thousand essays
intellectually analyzing it
and still not get it;
The Master, through his
actions, demonstrates
How the Gita has to be lived!

PS: Also, check out Rajita Bagga’s brilliant post titled “The Complete Master and the Perfect Leader


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