The Perennial flow!

Like a perennial 
glacier river
icy cold
flowing down
in an unbroken continuum;
so too, the knowledge and wisdom,
have flown in an unbroken stream
through the innumerable sages.

A hesitant dip in the icy cold water
sears through the skin and 
wakes you up in an instant;
so too, does the knowledge,
as it seeps in through the 
consciousness and wakes you up forever!

The keepers, of this secret -
The Wise Ones;
The Mystics,
The Seers,
The Sages,
The Yogi’s and more -
held this knowledge 
with reverence and gratitude
and passed it down through
the ages - with one simple goal
of taking each one to the goal -
of experiencing Divinity.

In a beautiful play of creation, sometimes,
The knowledge makes one a sage 
And sometimes the words uttered by
The Sage becomes Knowledge.

Today, the ninth day of Navaratri,
is the day, we honour and thank all the Wise Ones
who have kept the flame of knowledge
burning through the ages.
All the Sages from the past,
The ones who are here in the present,
And all those who are yet to come!

And I take this moment to thank
The One who looked down,
held my hand, pulled me up and
showered the grace of Love,
Knowledge and Wisdom 
And more importantly
demonstrated that 
Life is Enthusiasm,
Life is Joy, and
Life is Love!



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