Those 40 verses


Jai Hanuman

Thanks to Alok Kejriwal for sharing this beautiful pic


The 40 verses ~
wisdom, courage,
strength, commitment,
love, devotion
and service;


The 40 verses –
My companion
as I grew up;
chanted at a rapid pace –
with words eating into each other –
mostly at nights
to drive away the
demons and ghosts
lay below the bed and
out there in the dark!


The 40 verses –
a daily ritual of chanting
somehow became a
only on Saturdays.


And then, somehow
Those 40 verses;
in the labyrinths of my subconscious;
remembered occasionally
falteringly, embarrassingly
going back and starting all over;


As we passed them down
to the kids;
those 40 verses reappeared
back in our lives.


Afresh, anew
enthused with simplicity
and deep devotion;
no longer a mechanical chant;
but a call that resonates
deep within the heart;
every word and every verse
reverberating and pulsating
with unbounded energy;
taking me deep within
my consciousness
to uncover that the same qualities
of Courage, Commitment,
Devotion, Love and Service
pulsate within Me too!


With love, reverence
and devotion,
I pray to the One
who is the most devoted
disciple of Shri Rama
asking for:
and Love
to Serve
My Master with
the same Love
and Devotion
as He served His!

One thought on “Those 40 verses

  1. Nicely penned sentiments about our changing equations with chants as we grow and progress…in this case the Hanuman chalisa..

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