In the Midst of all

The Rudram
reverberates –
and within
the heart too;

The Mind –
now focused,
now dispersed,
now aware,
now not there!

The chirping
of birds and
the nonstop
cawing of the crow;

A light, lights
the heart up
and disappears;

A pleasant
state of nothingness
– no thoughts,
– no noises
blank and frozen;

And then
the Mind awakes
and latches on to
all the mundane things;

In the midst
of all this,
I remembered you,
– faintly –
O Lord,
as the One in
those birds,
the light,
the nothingness
and now
I strive to
recognize you
as the One
in the activity too;

Monday 23/Jan| RudraPuja |


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