The Presence is there for asking!

A shimmering burst
of energy swirls
around my heart;
and so enigmatic!

I sit still watching it;
a part of me wanting to
reach out and touch it;


gusts of it;
igniting a million
sensations in the body;
utterly frightening,
yet, oh so calming!


in a second
it vanishes
leaving nary a
trace behind;


A blanket of grace
dawns enveloping me
in its embrace of
deeper peace and silence;


After days and days
of poor Sadhana,
and aching for the Presence;
I sit today with a determination
to feel it and it so readily obliges!


Still and peaceful
yet bursting with
an exuberant playful energy
it drenches me in pure Love
reminding me yet again;
that It is there for asking!
All I need to do
is to just remember it!


#May13th 2017| Kriya and Meditation Experience
Last night in the Satsang Gurudev had said the best way to celebrate my birthday is to be in the present and feel the presence!

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