Field Notes from CCS Conference – ArunKumar talks about Service Orientation and Servant Leadership

Just back from the Corporate Culture and Spirituality Conference held at the Art of Living Ashram. Two days of brilliant conversations, questions, talks and ideas. While I will come back with more details, I would like to share one of the best talks we heard at the conference by N.T. Arunkumar of UBS. Talking on […]

The PMO India gets the Leadership Model absolutely right.

The Prime Minister of India one of the most stirring speeches heard in 68 years of Independence. There was a lot of anticipation and the PM did not disappoint, this was an extempore speech of over an hour without any notes or teleprompter etc. Spoken straight from the heart.  After hearing platitudes for several years, […]

The Paradox of Awakening and Profitability

The Paradox of Awakening and Profitability

Building a business is extremely hard. Building a business on the foundations of Selflessness, Authenticity, Love, and Service is even harder. And one can do that only if one is deeply authentic, generous, selfless and in touch with her/his deep self. Conscious Capitalism, Servant leadership, love leadership etc. do not happen in isolation. These are, […]

Leading with Luv.

Watched an episode of Undercover Boss featuring CEO of Lucky Strike – Steven Foster recently and loved it, not because I stumbled on another CEO who puts meditation first [ he said he hasn’t missed his meditation practice in the last 41 years ] but also, because it showed the humane side of Steven. He wasn’t afraid […]

Time Indian Political Leaders put “service” at the core of their agenda

Ken Blanchard is writing a series of very positive articles on “A leadership vision for America” and in today’ blog post he makes a case for Electing Servant Leaders.  He starts with an assumption: The more that our leaders are in Washington [Delhi] to serve and not be served, the better chance we have to mend what’s […]