The mirror is getting wiped clean

What magic has
Grace unfolded
that Your Name
is now etched
in  the deep recess
of my heart
Pulsating vibrantly!

Can you hear it?
It calls me even before
I could call It!
Embracing me
in the
Light of Love!

A bit by bit,
slowly but surely,
the mirror
is getting
wiped clean;

In the humdrum
of daily affairs
He seems so far away;
Forgotten, neglected,
and hardly remembered;

Daily thoughts, Actions
and Behaviour -
a far cry
from what He wills;
in that space of
I find Him
over and over again;
day after day;
with infinite patience
to embrace me
in that blanket of Grace!

[28th Nov 2017; SKY/Meditation]

It reminded me of two brilliant shloka's from the Gita, 
in 13:17 or 18 depending on 
which version you are reading. 
Shri Krishna says:

"jyotisam api taj jyotis
tamasah param ucyate
jnanam jneyam jnana-gamyam
hrdi sarvasya visthitam"

He is the source of light in all luminous objects. 
He is beyond the darkness of matter and is unmanifested. 
He is knowledge, He is the object of knowledge, 
and He is the goal of knowledge. 
He is situated in everyone's heart

And in 18:61 He says:

"isvarah sarva-bhutanam
hrd-dese 'rjuna tisthati…"

The Supreme Lord is situated in everyone's heart!


A deep dive

A deep dive

A resplendent light
lights up the heart;
and a gush of energy
ignites, pours and
drenches me in a
wave of happiness!

Moments before
a thousand thoughts;
like the
waves in the ocean
were lashing the mind;
creating varied
hues of emotions;

Staying on the surface
getting swept in these
waves is pain;
below the surface
beyond the reach of the waves
is resplendent calm and
pure bliss; sweet as honey!
Waiting to be tasted by
all who choose to dive in!

#Sadhana/Meditation- 14th Nov 2017

That fragrance of sweet devotion!

Something rubbed off
and I carried it with

yet oh so

Countless hours,
days and weeks
or was it an eternity?
– for a glimpse;
– to bask in that radiant presence;
– to soak in that light, love, and laughter!
– to dissolve in pure devotion!

It took nary a moment
for the mind to dissolve
and the heart to get satiated!

Yet, I know that this
will be short lived!
That ache of longing
waits around the corner
to rob me yet again!

Tonight, though
I care not!
for I know
that I won’t get
a wink of sleep;
as that presence
shimmers and lingers
bathing me in its

Oh! can you smell it?
That fragrance of sweet devotion!

#Satsang #Ashram #29-Aug-2017

Unconditional Love

In the depths of
where the mind
disappears into
and then
to random thoughts;
somewhere out there
in that space
I remembered Him;

Frozen body
and an open heart
swirling in an energy
– indescribable –
soaking the mind
and heart
in light and love!

The foundation of Sadhana
is devotion;
yet it is Sadhana that
strengthens the Devotion.

Even on the driest
days of Sadhana;
where the mind is
just not into it;
a remembrance is
all that is needed
to be showered
unconditional Love!

Thoughts after Kriya/Meditation: 30-May-2017:: There are days when the Sadhana becomes a routine, a chore, almost a mechanical practice, done just for the sake of doing; the mind hurrying me to complete it as soon as possible; and then the reminder comes, that it is grace that allows the practices to happen; all I need to do is to remember, feel and surrender!
The Path

The Path

For those who have walked the path and know the nature of mind and intellect, and have had a glimpse of the Self, it is important to remember that the nature of mind is to divide, discriminate, stand apart, find uniqueness etc., It has to keep busy 24 by 7, so it latches onto divisions of any kind with glee – Religion, Nationality, Caste, Creed, Cricket, Language, Movies, Music, Tech Stack heck even Programming Languages and Frameworks too. All it asks is to be fed with a stimulus – could be any damn thing and off it goes running around trying to find separation.

The nature of Self, on the other hand, is Unity, Oneness, Non-Duality. Those who have done the Sudarshan Kriya or Meditated, know that the Self is beyond the mind and intellect and is the source of joy, peace, and happiness. In that space, there is no division, no hatred, no negativity.

Having experienced that Self,  the work for us is to remember that state and bring it with us in our daily grind and consciously spread that peace and fragrance.

Every time I see a flame-war happening on my social media timeline, my mind immediately takes sides, urges me to jump in, say something wise, witty, maybe a put-down, get an edge in etc. And I then remember, that it is fine for those who are unaware to spread malice, hatred, argue, abuse etc, but being on this path and having been bestowed the immense gift of sharing the knowledge from the Guru, how would it benefit my spiritual journey if I continue to feed my mind with malice, ill-will and animosity?

This shloka from Gita, “Manmana bhava madbhkta, madhyaji maam namaskuru, maameyeshvasi yutkvaivatmanam mat parayanam” – where Shri Krishna says: Soak your mind in Me, immerse it in Me, serve Me, worship Me always, seek Me…. and you will be united with Me.” – more often than not jumps up at me from nowhere and helps me remember the path!

We need anchors to tame the mind – a couple of long deep breaths, repeating a mantra, remembering the Guru and/or being immersed in some activity – whatever works to keep it still and makes sure that we don’t allow the mind to add fuel to the fire!


The Four Noble Truths

The Four Noble Truths

It is Buddha Jayanthi today and a good time to recall the four noble truths:


  1. The First Truth, brothers, is the fact of suffering. All desire happiness, sukha: what is good, pleasant, right, permanent, joyful, harmonious, satisfying, at ease. Yet all find that life brings dukha, just the opposite: frustration, dissatisfaction, incompleteness, suffering, sorrow. Life is change, and change can never satisfy desire. Therefore everything that changes brings suffering.
  2. The Second Truth is the cause of suffering. It is not life that brings sorrow, but the demands we make on life. The cause of dukha is selfish desire: trishna, the thirst to have what one wants and to get one’s way. Thinking life can make them happy by bringing what they want, people run after the satisfaction of their desires. But they get only unhappiness because selfishness can only bring sorrow.
  3. There is a Third Truth, brothers. Any ailment that can be understood can be cured, and suffering that has a cause has also an end. When the fires of selfishness have been extinguished, when the mind is free of selfish desire, what remains is the state of wakefulness, of peace, of joy, of perfect health called nirvana.
  4. The Fourth Truth, brothers, is that selfishness can be extinguished by following an eightfold path: right understanding, right purpose, right speech, right conduct, right occupation, right effort, right attention, and right meditation. If dharma is a wheel, these eight are it’s spokes.

~ Extracted from The Dhammapada, by Eknath Easwaran