The Mirror of this world

Stumbled upon this beautiful poem “The Mirror of this World” by Shabestari Mahmud in Eknath Easwaran’s book “Strength in the Storm”

Every particle of the world is a mirror,
In each atom lies the blazing light
of a thousand suns.
Cleave the heart of a raindrop,
a hundred pure oceans will flow forth.
Look closely at a grain of sand,
The seed of a thousand beings can be seen.
The foot of an ant is larger than an elephant;
In essence, a drop of water
is no different than the Nile.
In the heart of a barley-corn
lies the fruit of a hundred harvests;
Within the pulp of a millet seed
an entire universe can be found.
In the wing of a fly, an ocean of wonder;
In the pupil of the eye, an endless heaven.
Though the inner chamber of the heart is small,
the Lord of both worlds
gladly makes his home there.


The MahaLakshmi Hridayam Stotram

Om. I sing the praises of Lakshmi,
Whose essence is supreme auspiciousness
And whose body is formed of golden light.
Her entire being sparkles with the radiance of pure gold.
She bears the golden lotus
And the golden vessel filled with seeds.
Seated at the left side of Vishnu,
She is Shakti, mother of all creation.

I sing the praises of Lakshmi,
Beloved mother of auspiciousness,
The eternal one
Who confers delight,
Fulfills all desires,
And guides all endeavors to successful fruition.

With my mind focused
On her majestic sovereignty,
Ever do I call upon the queen of the gods.
Again and again I praise that supreme lady.

I sing the praises of Mahashri, source of wisdom,
Mahashri, source of every success and happiness,
Mahashri, source of all good fortune,
Mahashri, eternal source of auspiciousness.

I glorify Hari’s beloved, source of prosperity,
The everlasting one
Who grants the delight of Self-recognition,
The charming one
Who gives birth to speech
And its amazing variegations.
I glorify that goddess
Who bestows happiness sweet and everlasting.

O Goddess, existing as the entire world,
You dwell in all beings as their essence.
O queen of endless bounty,
May your brilliance illumine the darkness of space
As you protect all of creation.
O Shri, I bow to your lotus feet.

You are destroyer of poverty, sorrow,
And fruitless endeavor.
In my state of wretchedness and scarcity,
I place myself at your lotus feet.
O Shri, anoint me with your merciful glance.

O Mother, be gracious.
Cast upon me your glance,
Moist with the nectar of compassion.
Let flow your mercy into my home.
Clinging to your lotus feet,
I bow to the one whose look
Destroys the pain that dwells in my heart.
I bow in reverence to you, O Shri.

Glory! Glory be to Lakshmi,
Who appears and disappears in the twinkling of an eye.
Glory! Glory be to Padma,
Dearly beloved lady of the lotus.
Glory! Glory be to Wisdom,
Seated at Vishnu’s left side.
Glory! May all offer glory and salutations to Shri,
Wellspring of prosperity.

Glory! Glory be to the goddess
Worshiped reverently by the assembly of gods.
Glory! Glory be to the auspicious one,
Good fortune embodied as the daughter of Bhrigu.
Glory! Glory be to the ever-spotless one,
Celebrated as supreme knowledge.
Glory! Glory be to the one
Who exists as the goodness
Inherent in all things.

Glory! Glory be to the delightful one
Who dwells in the magnificent depths of the sea.
Glory! Glory be to the golden one
Whose beautiful body sparkles with brilliant light.
Glory! Glory be to the charming one, the resplendent one.

Glory! Glory be to the tranquil one.
O auspicious goddess,
Arrive quickly!

Some Good News!

I am happy and delighted to share that this blog is now listed in Best Indian Blogs Directory at


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I think this is a result of blogging consistently over over a decade now.

Thanks to all of you, who have supported, left a comment, shared and encouraged me.

What’s your why?

“It is virtually impossible, and senseless anyway, to commit yourself to a daily meditation practice without some view of why you are doing it, what its value might be in your life, a sense of why this might be your way and not just another tilting at imaginary windmills.”

– Jon Kabat Zinn

Making Breakthrough Innovations Happen

Attended an outstanding workshop on Innovations in Large Programs by my friend and fellow Art of Living teacher – Pradeep Waychal – in QSIT SPM ICON 2011 conference and he introduced me to this fabulous book “Making breakthrough Innovations happen by Porus Munshi” while I will come back with a more detailed post later on, for now it is suffice to say that this book is probably one of the finest books I have read in a long long time.

If you retire at 60, you will die at 65

Read this interview of yesteryears’ bollywood superstar, 87 year old Dev Anand, and was blown away by his enthusiasm towards life. He says:

Energy begets energy. If you are lazy, you will always be lazy. And if you retire at 60, you will die at 65. It is written in a holy book that you if have life of 100 years, you should use it. At this age of 86, my mind is getting sharper. I have 60 years experience in the film line and I still use that to make my films. People make films and if they flop, they get a heart attack. But here I am still making films.