The Sankranti Bonfire

The lone
North Star
shimmered even more
as it watched
The Mystical One
light a fire
of Consciousness
that devoured
all the thoughts
and minds
of the thousands of ones
who meditated with Him
in the dark, chilly
winter night!

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A Fabric of Love and Devotion!

Gita, 12th chapter

Gita, 12th chapter

In my reading of The Gita, I keep going back again and again to chapter 12. 20 short shlokas laying the foundation for Bhakti Yoga. I am so looking forward to hear Guruji talk about “Madbhatka sa me priye”. For those who haven’t yet read The Gita, this is right after Sri Krishna has given Arjuna a vision of his Cosmic Form. A terrified Arjuna requests Sri Krishna to resume his gentle form. Overwhelmed, overawed, yet intoxicated with longing, Arjuna asks Sri Krishna the path to Unity. Sri Krishna then enumerates the One whom He loves.

Twenty short verses enough to rekindle the Devotion and Love. Reading it is one thing experiencing it another!

That spark of
Love and Devotion
ignited by the One
with a gentle smile
and deeply penetrating
eyes is now
a raging inferno
that I don’t want to be
put off!

Unbridled joy
that springs up
in His presence;
the ache and
the longing
when away;

Tears of gratitude
that swell up
for no reason at all,
tears of anger too
of expectations unmet;

The expanded space
of deep silence and stillness
where He holds us all;

The mystical Kriya gently
pointing to the One within;

The presence that
stays constantly
in the background;

The mystical fragrance
of sandalwood
that breezes in at
unlikeliest of places;

The unmerited grace
overlooking defects
embracing me
again and again;

A thousand such
experiences all
forgotten in no time;

Yet, the Love flows,
like a river,
refreshing all
that care to take a dip!

And this is what I think it is!

All of us,
yes, every one of us,
a thread each in this
vast fabric of love,
each one of us
dyed with our
own hues of Devotion!

Weaved and Stiched together
by the One who knows,
what it takes to weave
A fabric of
Love and Devotion!

The Gift of Life

A gift – millions and
millions of them;
each one of them
priceless and invaluable
Used and discarded
without a care
in the world;

Till the day,
the Wise One,
showed me
their true worth.

Now, each one,
to The Radiant One,
in the cycles
of Soham-Soham
comes back
sanctified –
caressing – my very Soul
engulfing, rocking and
taking me right to the
depths of my Consciousness;
and drenching me in
the fragrance of
His Grace!

What an awesome gift
the Sudarshan Kriya is!
allowing me
to experience
“the breath –
The Gift of Life itself”!

Thoughts after Sudarshan Kriya

Those 40 verses


Jai Hanuman

Thanks to Alok Kejriwal for sharing this beautiful pic


The 40 verses ~
wisdom, courage,
strength, commitment,
love, devotion
and service;


The 40 verses –
My companion
as I grew up;
chanted at a rapid pace –
with words eating into each other –
mostly at nights
to drive away the
demons and ghosts
lay below the bed and
out there in the dark!


The 40 verses –
a daily ritual of chanting
somehow became a
only on Saturdays.


And then, somehow
Those 40 verses;
in the labyrinths of my subconscious;
remembered occasionally
falteringly, embarrassingly
going back and starting all over;


As we passed them down
to the kids;
those 40 verses reappeared
back in our lives.


Afresh, anew
enthused with simplicity
and deep devotion;
no longer a mechanical chant;
but a call that resonates
deep within the heart;
every word and every verse
reverberating and pulsating
with unbounded energy;
taking me deep within
my consciousness
to uncover that the same qualities
of Courage, Commitment,
Devotion, Love and Service
pulsate within Me too!


With love, reverence
and devotion,
I pray to the One
who is the most devoted
disciple of Shri Rama
asking for:
and Love
to Serve
My Master with
the same Love
and Devotion
as He served His!

The Gita Jayanti Poem

It is Gita Jayanti today and I penned this today afternoon!

The Radiant One
sang a song
so luminous;

a thousand suns
illuminating every
brightening the very life!

The Radiant One
sang a song
so melodious;

the music,
pulsating and
infusing life;

The Radiant One
sang a song
so indelible;

the words
permeating deep
in my
leaving an imprint
impossible to erase!


The Churning of Mind

Like ocean waves
one after the other
in a relentless cycle;
the umpteen thoughts
rush in
churning the mind;

A storm brews

The cycles of Sadhana
doesn’t abate
the storm;
as the mind
refuses to sit still
for a moment.

I offer them all
to the One who sits unmoved;

I guess,

“For the Neelakant too, this
is a task too difficult – swallowing poison
that this mind churns daily;”

For the One, who accepts
all that is offered to Him,
why didn’t the blue
turn a shade darker?

For the One, who accepts
all that is offered to Him,
why did He refuse
the offering?

For the One, who accepts
all that is offered to Him,
is this, worse than what He drank?

5.12.2016 | Poem after Padmasadhana, Kriya
Chantings: Rudra Puja

The Light Within

The soothing rays
of the winter sun
soft, yet luminous
the light within
a billion times
erasing the duality
and lo!
The Oneness pervades!

Bright as as bright can be;
setting the heart ablaze;
the gentle soft rays
ignite the fire within;
and lo!
The Light within is the Light without

Seek it outside
or within;
The One Light pervades all.
Such an awesome revelation!

– Thoughts after Padmasadhana, Meditation & Kriya 29.11.16 |
Chants: Sri Aditya Hrudayam Stotram