Please help!

There are about 50 odd students in a school in my neighborhood who need a bit of financial help for them to continue with their education. I had written about SVVN school earlier, the school is now rechristened to Jai Gopal Garodia School and provides education to students from economically challenged section of the society.

Asha – who is the coordinator for the school writes:

I am sending you the photographs of the children of our school Jaigopal, Garodia Rashtrotthana Vidyalaya, No. 21, 2nd “K” Cross, 1st Block, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore – 560043, whom we have identified for education sponsorship.
These children cannot even afford the small amount of Rs.400 we charge as fees per month for all our school children. However we have a policy that we do not turn back any child from the economically, socially and educational deprived saections for non payment of fees for any period of time.
We try to get sponsorships and financial aid for all such students through appeals to individuals and organisations. I am attaching an excel sheet that contains the details of some of the children from Std 1 to Std 10 about their parents and their occupation.  
The amount for sponsorship for one child is Rs.6300 which includes Rs.4800 as fees, Rs.1000 for two sets of uniforms and sweater and Rs.500 for books and other school supplies. Anyone who wishes to sponsor one or more child can make a cheque in the name of “RASHTROTTHANA PARISHAT” and send it to the above address.
Please, please, please mention your postal address and PAN number behind the cheque, to enable us to make the receipt and post it to you. (All donations can avail IT exemption under sec 80G)
There are individual details about the kids needing sponsorship, most of their parents are daily wage earners and in some cases the kids have lost one of their parents.
A bit of generosity, dear readers, would go a long way.
Asha can be reached at ashaasho [at] gmail [dot] com for further information.


I had written about Asha and her story of running the  SVVN school, despite the innumerable number of challenges, in my previous posts (post 1 and post 2). A quick recap, the school currently serves the needs (educational as well as nutritional) of 305 children (153 boys and 152 girls) from the most underprivileged sections of the society in the neighbourhood. Asha, who is the coordinator of the school, reached out to me today morning with an SOS that read:

….are short of funds even for the day to day expenditure and the running of the school. We have the future and the lives of 305 children in our hands. Their studies, mid day meals and other developments has to continue

Of course no amount is too small, and any amount is accepted most gratefully

So, here I am, passing this request to all those who read this blog…….please be generous and donate whatever you would want to.

If you can help connect Asha with any of the corporates that would be great as well.

Asha can be reached at sreeveenavidyaniketan (at) gmail (dot) com