Are you sure?

I came across this wonderful quote and couldn’t help but share it.

Between what I think

What I want to say,

What I believe I’m saying,

What I say,

What you want to hear,

What you hear,

What you believe you understand,

What you want to understand,

And what you understood,

There are at least nine possibilities of misunderstanding.

–          French Jurist Francois Garagnon


The great blunder

“You have spoken for hours and hours. You might have spoken for several thousand hours in this life. You must have done five or six hundred thousand hours of talk. What is the result of all that talking? Has it brought solace to any soul, any mind or any heart? Has it brought tranquility in anyone? Has it made any sense or brought any direction to a life?…..It is excusable for people who do not know what they are wasting. But for people who know, who have heard, who have known at some level and if they still go on wasting, it is unpardonable. This is prajnaapradh, great blunder.” – Sri Sri in Ashtavakhra Gita