Finding the Devi in the Mundane

The nine nights
of the Devi, a
time to dive deep
and experience
the presence of
the all pervading,
energy. A time
to wake up to
this awe-inspiring
For those who find
the journey within
difficult, the ancient
rishis had a simple
solution; to find
her presence in
the very mundane.

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The Generosity of Devi

This Navaratri, I would like to take you to my post from 2010 – “This Navaratri, ask and it will be granted“; the knowledge given by Guruji and Swami Pragyanandji is so beautiful and so fresh.

Dear Readers, my prayers that all your wishes come true this year by the Grace of Devi Ma!






This Navaratri, ask and it will be granted.

What a wonderful Navaratri it has been so far. We have the tradition of having the Devi puja at home, involves some elaborate rituals, but for the last two years have been so very fortunate to be doing this Puja at home. The early morning kriya, meditation along with the Rudra Puja chants followed by Devi chantings and the culmination in the Devi Arati gives a completely different dimension to the start of the day. Also been reading a shloka a day from Soundarya Lahiri and remembering the meaning and essence of the Shloka all through the day- the awareness is at a completely different level.

Guruji was in silence for the last 5 days at Ashram and though didn’t get an opportunity to go to the ashram everyday, I am looking forward to the Yagya and Homa’s that start from tomorrow. While Guruji is in silence, Swami Pragyanandji(?) gives a small talk from Bhagvatam. For the last couple of days his talk has been on the generosity of Devi. He said and I quote from Bawa’s facebook posts:

These are the days of the Mother Divine and She is most generous with whatever you ask for with a clean heart full of faith… The impossible will become possible with Her Grace!

Learn how to ask.
This Creation moves on your intentions. What you are today is what you have wanted to be. What you are going to be tomorrow is what you are wishing today… So be careful what you wish for…

The Veils of Maya are drawn over the Ultimate Bliss… If you ask for stuff of the Veil, you will get that. If you ask for the Veils to vanish and the Bliss be revealed to you, you will get that… Ask for the Big stuff, ask for Love, Joy, Peace, a wonderful fulfilling Life and that will be granted through the Benevolence of the Divine Mother to you…Ask for the Ultimate and see what happens! Learn how to ask, Learn to make good Sankalpas (intentions) … Ask for big things

Do Seva for a Satguru, be in His company and then make your good intentions … I want the Ultimate, the Highest, I want Guruji’s love … and it will be granted

He added, especially in the night before sleeping, you have great power so make your Sankalpas at that time and then again first thing in the morning when you wake up … and Life will be great!
Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana … Jai Gurudeva!

There is just one consciousness, the seer and the scene are one … Just as the reflection that you see in a mirror doesn’t really exist, it is there because you are there, similarly this entire creation is just a reflection of the One

Realizing this One is possible. The price is simply your asking for it! This time is a Divine time, ask for the amrit (the divine nectar) … This is the time for asking for this beautiful Prasad which can come your way, simply by asking for it!

Recognize that the Divine that we think is outside, somewhere out there, is in Reality, right here, within us… The Grace of an Enlightened Master and the time is right… Ask! Swamiji reminds us again, that we can ask for an Ocean and get it, don’t sit there and ask for a few drops of water. Narayana Narayana Narayana Narayana!