The Magic Wand of Gratitude

This is a reproduction of article that was published in Huffington Post by Guruji. I usually don’t copy and paste articles but this one resonated and I wanted to preserve this.

The full moon in the month of Ashadha is celebrated as Guru Purnima. It is an occasion to be grateful for the wisdom that life has offered. When you see how wisdom has transformed your life, it’s natural to feel grateful for all that has come your way. Gratitude is an inner feeling; it’s not an action. It has to arise from within in recognition of the love that the Creation is pouring on you every moment. Often people ask me how to be more grateful. Dropping the sense of wanting more is the highest degree of gratitude. As long as you are in the race for more, even if it is for spiritual attainments, you cannot be contented. “I want nothing” is both the beginning and culmination of contentment. And without contentment, gratitude cannot arise. In the Bhagavad Gita, it is said, “Yadrccha-labha-santusto Dvandvatito Vimatsarah.” It means one must have some level of contentment with whatever is coming to one’s way. If you are discontent and grumbling, how can you be grateful?

Gratefulness comes with knowledge. The knowledge that you are being loved by the Creation is the source of gratitude. Only the feeling of “I am being taken care of” can bring true gratitude. When you don’t feel a sense of lack, then you feel grateful. The feelings of lack and gratitude cannot co-exist. In life, whatever you put your attention on, grows. It’s natural for the seed you sow to grow and multiply if you nurture it. If you sow the seed of lack, only lack will grow. When you feel a lack, grumbling begins in some corner and life gets into a self-perpetuating cycle of negative feelings. You feel a lack for something today and something else tomorrow. When you open up to the providence the Nature has bestowed on you, immediately a sense of contentment comes and with it more providence. And when you complain and grumble, even whatever little joy, peace or love with which you have come into this world will all also vanish. As the Bible says, “Those who have will be given more; as for those who do not have; even what they have will be taken from them.” It’s appears to be a very cruel injunction, but this is the law of nature.

Gratitude is like a magic wand. When you are grateful, everything else flows to you. An element of grace is needed to be happy in life. This is what people often refer to as luck! It’s the glow of one’s life. Grace comes from being grateful. Gratitude is contagious. A grateful person purifies his entire environment and everyone around him feels uplifted. Only knowledge can take you out of discontentment and grumbling. Guru Purnima is significant as on this day we rejoice in our relationship with knowledge. Guru signifies wisdom or knowledge; Purnima signifies fullness. The feeling of fullness that comes out of knowledge is what we celebrate on Guru Purnima.

Whatever we have learnt in life is because we have had a teacher (Guru) to teach us. Either knowingly or unknowingly, we have always had a Guru. Our mother is our first Guru and then from science to spirituality, from birth to death, the Guru Principle permeates our life. There is a guru for every discipline — a Dharma Guru (religious), a Kula Guru (family), a Raj Guru (guru for the kingdom), a Vidya Guru (guru for a particular discipline) and a Sadguru (spiritual guru).

The Guru Principle is that which removes darkness, misery. It is charged with wisdom, and wisdom alone can bring lasting happiness. So people seeking happiness, knowledge and a better life have to come to a Guru. The gratitude that dawns on getting in touch with this principle does the magic.

When you are grateful, you also become sensitive and that sensitivity reflects in your actions. This Guru Purnima, let us be sensitive ourselves and also sensitise people to our environment. Feel gratitude for our very existence, our very body, all that you have and all the love you have received. And this gratitude will bring you a flood of grace. Abundance dawns and life becomes full!

Waiting for that rain….

Waiting for that rain….

Like a fish in a river
unaware of the abundant
flowing water;
was I floating in an
ocean of grace,
not noticing or
acknowledging it.

The weather changed
and the summer came;
harsh sun, draining every
little drop of moisture
from the parched earth.

Where once the river
flowed abundantly, now
flows barely a stream,
inches high, just about
enough for the
fish to breath.

It seems like a harsh
summer beating down
and parching the practices;

‘Twas grace!
– the meditation,
– the beautiful, healing ujjai breath,
– that deep silence and stillness,
– that scintillating satsangs,
– and that presence
all grace,
bestowed upon
so generously
that I took it
for granted.

As the fish waits for
the clouds to come in and pour
ending its misery;
so do I wait
for the summer to end
and the grace to shower
once again, drenching me,
in all its love!


If one is on the Spiritual path then the ending is happy…..

I wonder why the updates on Wisdom blog have stopped. Hopefully they get reactivated, till then random quotes from today’s Satsang. All disclaimers apply, these come from memory and are not verbatim. A completely packed VM, with hundreds of folks doing Advanced Courses and Guru Puja phase 1. Here are some random quotes that stayed with me:

Every life is a book, every life is a story. If one is on spiritual path, it is always a happy ending, if one is not on the spiritual path, then it is a tragedy. The whole world is a library, one author, authoring so many novels, but there are no takers. A few persons who are awake, realize that they are all stories. Each human being is just a book and their life is the story. A few bhaktas realize and rejoice…..and you are too. You have the membership for the library.

The connection here is a one way street, once established it stays forever…and then went on to narrate a story of someone whom Guruji had met in a train on a journey between Hubli/Dharwad and Delhi and then met the same person (Nazir) on a trip to Brindavan Gardens, 15 or 20 years later and how the person said his life was transformed after the first meeting. The point he was trying to emphasize was about the connection between Him and devotees. Secondly he said, it is not necessary for people to be in physical proximity to be connected, it is all in the heart. People who meet him for the first time in even places such as Mongolia and Iraq say that the feel the connection was already there.

Today morning, spent some time with Swami Madhusudhan ji and he said:

We take the Grace for granted. Yes it is there, but we are not grateful for it. The Gratitude should be there for the Grace, otherwise, when the intellect and the mind starts grumbling, then it is like the “basuri”(flute)  getting blocked, then the music will not flow…Have a deep longing and intense desire…..

He spoke a whole lot more but that for some other time.