A Life of Happiness

Courtesy Wisdom Dawns

Self-enquiry is needed, but can cause unnecessary confusion and restlessness if it is overdone. It should be done only when you take some time off. Don’t go on examining yourself too much. Thinking all the time can become an obsession.

Do your work. What you do is not important. You anything do anything to sustain your life. Do any work that pays well.

You must know that work,  seva (service) and your entertainment or hobby are all separate. Trying to combine them will be a challenge. When you have responsibilities in life, a family and children to take care of, choose a stable job that gives you enough money and time. Once that is done, don’t think about it again. But if you find something better, you can go for that.

Also, take some time off for social work. If you are spend your whole life in just earning your bread and butter, your life will be meaningless and will not give you any satisfaction.

There are people who need your help. Supporting a cause by keeping a box at home and putting a few coins and whatever you can in it will give you some satisfaction.

The stress and tension in society today calls for meditation. Take time off to meditate and uplift your spirit. You feel fully charged. Greater the responsibilities and ambitions, greater is the need for meditation. It relieves you of stress and strain, enhances your abilities, strengthens your nervous system and mind, releases toxins from the body and makes you more capable. We have to renew our energy time to time.

Meditation and Yoga increase your capacity, skills and qualities. After you retire, go totally into knowledge. Dedicate yourself to the cause of higher knowledge, wisdom or social causes. Do some good work in society. One day, you will be gone and you will not even know. Others will make arrangements to take the body away. They will hold a memorial saying, ‘May his/her soul rest in peace.’ But you are already at peace by then. Their wish comes much later. Once we leave the body, we are at peace. That is no fun. We should be useful to the people around us and be at peace while we are alive.

That is why we have called this life an art — by knowing how to handle our mind, the self, the family and the community. That is what wisdom is.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar



Guruji is talking about Ashtavakhra Gita in the Ashram and here are a few quotes:

Happiness is when wanting ends and giving or sharing begins

Santosh or contentment is a niyama, a rule for spirituality … No one can take it from you if you deeply decide you are going to have it!!

Contentment gives Happiness. You can be unhappy even in the best of situations if you are not content.

“Antarmukhi Sada Sukhi” dweller in the self is always in bliss. Even these words have the power to give relief.


[Via Q&A post here]

What is the source of happiness?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: What is the source of space? It is everywhere. Space is an element. Happiness has a source, it is our nature. When a baby has sorrow there is always a reason for sorrow. With that reason there is always a way to eliminate sorrow. But a baby is happy without reason. You can be happy without a particular reason. There is always a way to eliminate sadness. Bliss, joy, happiness is our nature when you have no reason to be unhappy. Unfortunately people always look for a reason to be unhappy.

Q: How do you find the ability to switch back into happiness?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: The ability to switch into happiness comes with practice. When you are thirsty, you need to drink. When you are unhappy, tired, lost and out of energy, you must do some breathing and meditation. Watch the emotion, leave it and observe. Look at the sky for a second. Observe the sensation. If you are tight in the throat, chest, somewhere, take a deep breath and relax.

So are you happy?

Happened to bump into one of my ex colleague a couple of weeks back, it was about 4 in the evening and he was looking worn down, tired and exhausted. Long face and the worry lines all evident. During the course of an exact three minute conversation he turned around and said “……it has become even more hectic Raj, the clients have become more demanding…. and it is the same rat race”. The unhappiness was evident even without asking the utterly useless question, How are you?

How can one give one’s best to life when one is unhappy from within? How can you inspire people around you to give their best when you yourself are unhappy? How can you spread happiness at home, when you are unhappy most of your waking hours at work? As Gandhi said, our live is one indivisible whole.

It is no coincidence, that Guruji asks only one question to people whom he meets. “Are you happy?”

Today spent some time catching up with HBR blogs and came across this wonderful piece of conversation:

Ans: As I am very aware how boring is to hear about other people being happy, I say only this: I get up every morning at 5a.m. simply because it is more exciting to start working than to turn around and sleep some more. I do seem to have a lot of energy.

says Stefan Sagmeister, a design studio owner who takes a year off from client work every seven years to boost his creativity. Gina Trapani has two interesting posts on taking a creative sabbatical at HBR blogs.

Go spend some time reading the posts, get inspired and be happy……and whatever you do…..spread the happiness.

If you are still feeling sad, depressed, unhappy, take some time out and connect with yourself at a much deeper level – start with the Art of Living Program. If you want to bring about a change in your workplace, the APEX program is the place to start by.