The Generosity of Devi

This Navaratri, I would like to take you to my post from 2010 – “This Navaratri, ask and it will be granted“; the knowledge given by Guruji and Swami Pragyanandji is so beautiful and so fresh.

Dear Readers, my prayers that all your wishes come true this year by the Grace of Devi Ma!







Navratri Celebration – Kriya with Guruji

This went out as a blank post today morning….due to problems with the internet connection. Reposting.

Last evening attended the Sudarshana Homa and had the opportunity to do short Sudarshan Kriya along with Guruji himself. What a moment – an overflowing yagyashala with thousands of devotees, the vedic chanting, the aroma of the homas, and then the multitudes joining Guruji in doing the Kriya together followed by the silence – a silence so still as if the whole world has stopped – for a few moment after the Kriya. It was a moment to savor and experience.

Feeling so very grateful.


It was in 2000 October that we first went to Ashram during Navratri, this is pre-VM days, the old ashram was decked up in flowers and lights. We had no idea about the Navratri Celebrations at Ashram, by chance we met our teacher Kavitha, and she insisted that we stay back for the Puja in the evening…..those days we were, how shall I put it, not very enthused by puja’s and any kind of rituals, so we just headed back giving a miss to the celebrations.  Every Navratri, we remember the incident and regret not having stayed back for the Puja.

This year, the Ashram is jam packed, this despite the fact that the main pujas and homa’s have not yet started. The expanded Yagyashala seems too small to accommodate the thousands of devotees who are already in ashram and have been put up in several places adjoining ashram.

And what do I write about the atmosphere in Ashram, it is so meditative and so celebratory at the same time. Guruji is in Silence and one look at him and one feels instantly drawn into that sacred sphere of silence. I am just missing being in the Navratri Advanced Course. Hopefully next year!

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