The Encounter On The Road

In the madness of
peak hour,
horns blaring,
all on a edge;
trying to squeeze
their vehicles into
non-existent space;
in a rush to reach
their destination!

I had an encounter!
Caught in an unexpected space,
eyes on the road,
mind somewhere else
music in the background;
The grey monsoon clouds
threatening to rain;
the gentle swaying of the trees
in that sweet monsoon breeze!

All these
faded into oblivion
as Wisdom dawned!

I strained to hear
what It had to say;
but, I caught not a word!

Yet, in that short,
muted exchange
It left me with a
still heart and a
peace inexplicable!

It comes when It wants to
and I mostly have
a fleeting encounter;
Like a stolen kiss,
it leaves me wanting more of It!

The Path

The Path

For those who have walked the path and know the nature of mind and intellect, and have had a glimpse of the Self, it is important to remember that the nature of mind is to divide, discriminate, stand apart, find uniqueness etc., It has to keep busy 24 by 7, so it latches onto divisions of any kind with glee – Religion, Nationality, Caste, Creed, Cricket, Language, Movies, Music, Tech Stack heck even Programming Languages and Frameworks too. All it asks is to be fed with a stimulus – could be any damn thing and off it goes running around trying to find separation.

The nature of Self, on the other hand, is Unity, Oneness, Non-Duality. Those who have done the Sudarshan Kriya or Meditated, know that the Self is beyond the mind and intellect and is the source of joy, peace, and happiness. In that space, there is no division, no hatred, no negativity.

Having experienced that Self,  the work for us is to remember that state and bring it with us in our daily grind and consciously spread that peace and fragrance.

Every time I see a flame-war happening on my social media timeline, my mind immediately takes sides, urges me to jump in, say something wise, witty, maybe a put-down, get an edge in etc. And I then remember, that it is fine for those who are unaware to spread malice, hatred, argue, abuse etc, but being on this path and having been bestowed the immense gift of sharing the knowledge from the Guru, how would it benefit my spiritual journey if I continue to feed my mind with malice, ill-will and animosity?

This shloka from Gita, “Manmana bhava madbhkta, madhyaji maam namaskuru, maameyeshvasi yutkvaivatmanam mat parayanam” – where Shri Krishna says: Soak your mind in Me, immerse it in Me, serve Me, worship Me always, seek Me…. and you will be united with Me.” – more often than not jumps up at me from nowhere and helps me remember the path!

We need anchors to tame the mind – a couple of long deep breaths, repeating a mantra, remembering the Guru and/or being immersed in some activity – whatever works to keep it still and makes sure that we don’t allow the mind to add fuel to the fire!