The Presence is there for asking!

A shimmering burst
of energy swirls
around my heart;
and so enigmatic!

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Travelogue: The Grace flows….3

Meena woke up to the incessant SMS’ coming in on Sunday morning asking if we are coming to the Ashram. We found out that Guruji was doing a Devi Homa on Sunday at 9,30AM and we had no knowledge about it. We were in Mannarkkad and were to leave onto our journey to the most beautiful destination of our vacation….well gotto wait for one more post before I reveal the name.

But this post is about the presence of Master in our lives. The thing about “Surati” (or remembrance of Divinity or Master) is that it is so ingrained now, that we may be swept in the mundane activities, but at some level, somewhere deep in the consciousness, the remembrance stays, and once in a while, all of a sudden, it manifests and takes us within its embrace for no reason whatsoever, engulfing us with joy and peace

We spent two days in Munnar and I mentioned to Meena that I hadn’t seen a single photograph of Guruji in Munnar and just as we are filling fuel in our cars in Munnar on our way out to Manarkkad, we get to see this car parked near the petrol pump with His photograph.

So on Sunday morning, as we left Manarkkad and started driving, we stumbled upon an old CD of Lalitha Sahasranamam in the car and as we listened to the melodious chants, we suddenly remembered that Guruji was probably doing the Devi Homa in the ashram at the same time and we were probably in the same space with the Sahasranamam playing in our car.

As we drove, we continued to see hoardings and Art of Living centers in the towns through TN and Kerala.

Somedays, the presence is overwhelming and undeniable. This was one of those days!

Grateful and much Gratitude !!