Life moves with commitment

Some brilliant Q&A with Guruji during Satsang, via Wisdomblog.

Q) When you experience total desirelessness, then how do you get the desire to act?
Sri Sri: You know we don’t act as the mind says, we act with commitment. Because mind says one day I don’t want to go to work. If you ask people who are working in offices, nobody’s mind wants them to go to office. If everyday is a Sunday, everybody will be very happy. If it’s a holiday, all the seven days, people would happily sit at home but life doesn’t work like that. So you have to commit and your life moves with commitment. Whether you like it or not you simply work.


Q&A from today’s Satsang

Some Q&A from today’s Satsang.  Usual disclaimers apply. 

Q) I feel lonely on this path in this corporate world where I have to deal with issues such as greed, jealousy etc I am worried that I am losing touch with my spiritual side. What should I do?

Guruji: You have to be there and maintain your spirit. Radiate your enthusiasm, don’t under-estimate your path and dont under-estimate your power and influence.

Q) Can someone who works in a liquor and tobacco business get enlightened?

Guruji: In Mahabharata there is a story of a butcher who got enlightened. It was his family tradition and he was continuing it, without getting into doership. Even though he was a butcher he was a vegetarian. His level of non-doership was at a higher level. If you are feeling any guilty then it is a different thing, but if you have to support your family and have bills to pay then you have to do the job.

Q) Guruji, I have changed several vocations and am not satisfied, I feel that there is something out there that I should be doing. What vocation do you suggest?

Guruji: Do not look for satisfaction in your job, you will never get it. True Satisfaction comes only from Sadhana and Seva!