Unconditional Love

In the depths of
where the mind
disappears into
and then
to random thoughts;
somewhere out there
in that space
I remembered Him;

Frozen body
and an open heart
swirling in an energy
– indescribable –
soaking the mind
and heart
in light and love!

The foundation of Sadhana
is devotion;
yet it is Sadhana that
strengthens the Devotion.

Even on the driest
days of Sadhana;
where the mind is
just not into it;
a remembrance is
all that is needed
to be showered
unconditional Love!

Thoughts after Kriya/Meditation: 30-May-2017:: There are days when the Sadhana becomes a routine, a chore, almost a mechanical practice, done just for the sake of doing; the mind hurrying me to complete it as soon as possible; and then the reminder comes, that it is grace that allows the practices to happen; all I need to do is to remember, feel and surrender!

The Cosmic Breath

That gentle cyclical breath
set to the cosmic rhythm
takes me deep within –
in the ocean of nothingness

Time loses its meaning
and a stillness so pure
engulfs me;
In those fleeting moments
of eternity; the breath
gently caresses my Soul;

It’s a different world
still, calm, silent and tranquil
just a breath away from all
the cacophony of this world;

Pure, Unalloyed and Divine –
An unfathomable nothingness
and I so ache to bathe in it,
again and again!

02/March/2017:: With a hundred things happening simultaneously in life, I did today’s Sudarshan Kriya with gratitude, devotion, and awareness of every single breath! What a magnificent blessing it has been to receive such an awesome gift!

Dipping into the Ocean

The rhythm
of the breath –
like the gentle,
inviting and
of the ocean –
takes the mind
and dips it so
gently into that
vast ocean of
pure, blissful and
eternally peaceful

And in that
infinite ocean
of nothingness,
the mind has no
choice, but to
leave everything

Bereft of its
usual chatter,
opinions and
even its identity;
it emerges,
soaked in the hues
of that
Pure Consciousness

There are days
I am amazed and
by the beauty
and the simplicity
The Sudarshan Kriya –
Today was one such day!

[Thoughts after taking the Long Kriya today!]

The Gift of Life

A gift – millions and
millions of them;
each one of them
priceless and invaluable
Used and discarded
without a care
in the world;

Till the day,
the Wise One,
showed me
their true worth.

Now, each one,
to The Radiant One,
in the cycles
of Soham-Soham
comes back
sanctified –
caressing – my very Soul
engulfing, rocking and
taking me right to the
depths of my Consciousness;
and drenching me in
the fragrance of
His Grace!

What an awesome gift
the Sudarshan Kriya is!
allowing me
to experience
“the breath –
The Gift of Life itself”!

Thoughts after Sudarshan Kriya

A sure shot way to eliminate Jet Lag

I landed in US after a 24 hour flight and another hour to clear immigration, customs and a couple of hours wait at the airport to be picked up and a long drive home in peak hour traffic from EWR to NJ…it seemed like a long day….however, I made sure that I took time out to do the Sudarshan Kriya before I hit the bed. I woke up fresh next day morning with no signs of tiredness or jet lag. Not only me, but it worked for my kids too!

So, if you are a globe trotting exec, here is one arsenal you can add to your armory to beat the Jet Lag – The refreshing and energizing Sudarshan Kriya!

A Panic Attack / Depression is a Wake Up call

As someone who has been through Panic Attack’s – Matt’s story in this Fast Company issue resonated with me.

Matt thought he was doing pretty well until he went to bed on a Sunday night and woke up the next morning thinking he was having a heart attack. His heart was racing, he was sweating like he was in a Monty Python movie, and he was freaking out. He jumped in his car and drove himself to the doctor’s office. Not the best idea to drive a car when you think you are having a heart attack, of course, but he needed help.

After examining him, the doctor concluded that he wasn’t having a heart attack, rather he was having a severe panic attack. The doc told him to just go home and rest, and he should feel better in the morning. Well, that didn’t work, and it didn’t work the next day, week, or month. His life began to shut down. His parents had to move in with him. He couldn’t function, drive a car, eat, or sleep. At night, he couldn’t look out the windows because he thought the sky was falling. His “dream” life was literally crashing down. And, he had no idea what happened or how to fix it.

Fortunately, he was introduced to a therapist who changed his life. During one of his first visits she handed him Rick Warren’s book, Purpose Driven Life, and told him to read the first sentence, which says, “It’s not about you.” The sentence didn’t make any sense to Matt. Again, narcissism won the day. Then she told him that he would never feel better until he understood that concept.

That got his attention because it was like a final life raft, something to grab onto, something to help. Just four simple words were all he needed to read. They echoed in his head every minute of the day, partially from a place of gratitude and partially because he was unsure and confused. But, he was determined to put in the work and find the meaning.

She then prescribed a heavy dose of volunteering. Every Saturday morning at 9 a.m., Matt would go out and pick up litter, paint over graffiti, feed the homeless, etc. At first, he didn’t understand it, but one day it clicked. Saturday mornings were his favorite time of the week. They provided an opportunity to go out and serve others and it was “not about him.” It was the best he felt every week.

All I say to those who have experience Panic Attack/ Depression in their lives, is that it is undoubtedly a rude wake up call.

  • A wake up call that tells you that there is something fundamentally amiss in the way you are currently approaching life.
  • It is a call to wake up and acknowledge the reality of life.
  • It is a call to search and find your answers.
  • It is call to have faith in your own self. It is call to believe.
  • It is a call not to give up.
  • It is call that will take you to a beautiful journey,  however frustrating and however exhausting it is for now.
  • It is call that will take you to your highest goal.
  • It is a call that is begging you to go deep into your own self to find the answers to the question that are being posed.

And that answer comes only through the practices of being in touch with your deepest self.

My Master – HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – prescribes – Sadhana (spiritual practices such as Sudarshan Kriya, Meditation, Yoga), Seva (selfless volunteering) and Satsang (literally the company of truth)  as a way. And I can testify to the efficacy of this simple 3S rule. It worked for me and I am sure it will work for all.

[PS: I know how tough and challenging dealing with Panic Attacks and Depression is, been there, dealt with it for close to 13 years and came out of it a much stronger individual, this is no way to trivialize the challenges or to put the blame back on individual. Deal with it, follow what your therapist or medical practitioner prescribes. Believe in yourself. I believe a more lasting and permanent solution is found through the practices of meditation, Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga – give it a try]

The relationship between waking up early and success

During the course of conversation with a colleague today, the topic turned to waking up early. I got referred to a business insider article that talks about 23 successful leaders who wake up early. A cursory search on the web brings up lot of articles on the benefits of waking up early and how to do it. But I want to look at this topic slightly differently.

As someone who is up pretty early most of the days, here is my take on this. If we observe ourselves, we find that the body has an in-built alarm that wakes us up early in the morning. The minute we wake up naturally is an indicator that the body has had adequate rest and it is ready to get into action. We chose to ingore the signal, turn it off and go back to get additional sleep which isn’t probably required. But why do we do it? Before I answer that, let me point you to an answer someone gave and I quoted in my previous post:

I get up every morning at 5a.m. simply because it is more exciting to start working than to turn around and sleep some more. I do seem to have a lot of energy.

I guess it finally boils down to only one thing – how deeply do we love our life.

If we have a sense of deep reverence towards life and if we are deeply engaged with what is life bringing to our doorsteps, we feel the energy, excitement and passion to meet it more than half way. Those are the days that we are up and awake without the help of alarm. Contrast this to the days when we oversleep, the days we keep on snoozing the alarm, those are probably the days we are avoiding a few things that life wants us to engage in.

And this is where spirituality and associated practices like Yoga, Sudarshan Kriya technique and Meditation comes in handy. They are tools that enable us to engage with life deeply and allow us to look forward to each day with renewed vigor. The choice is in our hands.