2D’s – Diwali and Desires – Part 2.

The Buddha talked about trishna – thirst or hankering and he put it so simply as one of the 4 noble truths, the second being “Suffering arises from attachment to desires”. Krishna talks about Desires in the Gita and says they are insatiable; the more one feeds them, the more they arise.

Undeniably, getting rid of desires or hankerings is difficult, had it been easy, then the Masters wouldn’t had to repeat the same message over and over again.

The recommendations?

Buddha says “Meditate deeply, discriminate between the pleasant and unpleasant, and break the fetters of Mara”

Krishna says “…realizing the truth of your True Self (Atma) is your principal weapon for eradicating desire. Self Realization is the true spiritual knowledge.”

Guruji talked a lot about desires, the best quote from his talk on Intention, Attention and Manifestation, is that “Desires fulfilled or unfulfilled, leaves you in the same place.”

That is food for thought, one way is to look back in our own lives and see how many desires we had, that got fulfilled and what joy and satisfaction or misery they brought and how many desires remained unfulfilled and how much sadness, misery or joy they brought and see for ourselves what changed with each of these desires and hankering.

Spirituality, I think, is also intense self-study.

If that is hard, then to quote the old hindi proverb – “Man ka ho to accha aur na ho, to aur bhi achcha” is probably a better way of dealing with what life serves us.