Changing the workplace

Devdutt writes about transforming workplaces and dips into Indian history to make his point.

Every employee who joins an organisation, hopes it to be Madhuvan: a place of joy and hope and growth and teamwork. Every employee who is leaving an organization describes the situation as Kurukshetra: a place of struggle and politics and insensitivity. We want our worlds to be governed by the principles of Bhagavata, but we are often faced with the terrible ways of the Mahabharata.


Spirituality and Workplace Series – About Oneness

Lance Secretan – ex-CEO of ManPower – has written a superb book on Conscious Leadership titled “One – The Art and Practice of Conscious Leadership”

This book is based on the premise that we are all one and are connected to each other in ways that are not apparent on the surface, but dig a little deeper and we find the connections. It is divided into two parts – the first talks of the oneness and how we seemed to have lost the oneness and the second part talks of 6 principles (CASTLE – Courage, Authenticity, Service, Truthfullness, Love and Effectiveness) that help us regain the oneness.

I loved this book. Lance draws superb examples from Industry and his practice which makes this book immensly readable. Plus each of the chapters relating to the CASTLE principles have a workbook that allows space for one to reflect on the principles in our own situations.

Click here for Lance’ blog. (Corrected the link!)